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    Sell me on Mary!

    We're 12 weeks pregnant with our second child - our son's name is Henry Isaac. We have a long, hyphenated last name - 5 syllables total (sigh). My partner loves Mary for a girl - I like it, too, but need to find the perfect middle name that will make it "pop" - know what I mean? We don't want to add a middle name that will make Mary sound more Catholic, like Elizabeth or Catherine. Not a lot on the maybe list right now - kind of liking Mary Sage but not sure about the flow. Mary Celeste is lovely, but not in love with the ghost ship association. Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks!

    Can't wait to find out if this little one is a boy or a girl! If it's another boy, we're set on Edward James - to be called Teddy

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    I have no idea what names would make it more Catholic and which wouldn't so some of my suggestions may not work, for that reason.

    Just off of the top of my head, here are some I think sound good with Mary.
    Mary Colette* (or Nicolette)
    Mary Cassandra
    Mary Louisa
    Mary Susannah
    Mary Genevieve
    Mary Gillian
    Mary Jacqueline
    Mary Annelise
    Mary Emmeline
    Mary Louisa
    Mary Cecilia*
    Mary Georgina
    Stephanie Nicole
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    Mary-- the Grand Old Name. The name that was considered to sacred to give to human beings for the first 1400 years of Christianity. It's lilting. It's dignified. But most importantly, it's a blank slate-- no presuppositions of what a little Mary will be. She can wear it and make it her own.

    It's falling, very slowly, from popularity. Each year there are fewer and fewer little girls given the name. In 2011, for every Mary, there were 9 Sophias born!

    The middle name you pair it with will tell everyone how to read the name. Mary Margaret = Irish nun. Mary Clemencia = grande dame. Mary Caroline = Southern. Mary Rosebud = quirky-fresh.

    What vibe would you like? From your sons' names, it appears you favor the classics?
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    Mary Viola
    Mary Iris
    Mary Shea
    Mary Lola
    Mary Adele
    Mary Luna
    Mary Lark
    Mary Sidney

    As for the "sell me on it"...have you seen this old musical (song starts about 30 seconds in..)? Of course, there ARENT millions of Mary anymore..

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    I see Mary as a fabulous opportunity to use an elegant or fascinating or mythical middle name......, something you might not have the courage to put right out front.

    Mary Artemis
    Mary Rhiannon
    Mary Thomasina
    Mary Priscilla
    Mary Eloise
    Mary Roxanne

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