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    I like Hugo and Fielding
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    The only 2 on your list I would even consider are Fielding and Dashiell, with fielding leading. Dashiell seems to be gaining in popularity
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    I think Hugo is great! I think of Hugo Weaving and the character Hugo aka "Hurley" from LOST and don't think the new movie by any means has rights on that name's association. It seems to me if a movie called 'Leo' came out people wouldn't suddenly start assuming people named their kids Leo/Leonardo just because of it. Also, I must say I am so over hearing about the name Dashiell- it seems to get all kinds of hype because it can offer the nn Dash but I have never liked how it sounds and don't get why you wouldn't just name your kid Dash if that's what you were going for. Sorry... Off topic, but my vote is definitely for Hugo since it seems that is the one you love the most. Also the obvious nn Hugh can give you a completely different vibe that is still quite sophisticated. What about Hugo Burl, putting the name you aren't sold on in the middle spot instead and making everyone happy? That way the girls could still call him Burl if they like it that much, but he doesn't have to endure any [possible] teasing opportunities it might bring. Good luck! =]

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    I LOVE Dashiell!

    Burl reminds me of Hurl so I dont like that one, IMO.

    My second favourite is Hugo

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