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    dindlee - thank you for your combos. Miriam Emmaliese and Miriam Fiorella are both great. I like Miriam Emmaliese the best.

    agent99 - new name! I like it thanks for going over all the names for me. I like Marcheline and Marceline both. Are they pronounced the same? I like that the root of the names come from Mars. I think it is a pretty companion to Jovienne. I know not everyone sees the planetary appeal here but I like both a lot. Thalassa is similar to what you said but with a soft Th sound at the beginning, Tha-lass-ah, though the way you wrote it is not wrong. Edith is a family name and I do not relate it with All In The Family but it is good to know that many initially would. I much prefer Millicent to Mildred. I don't think I would mind the mispronounciation of Poesy which is good because I know it would happen often. Thank you for your in depth analysis. I appreciate the time you took to go over my whole list to help me tweek it. Thanks for your favorites, your compliments, and your insight

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    No, not at all, ayelet Bryony is nice! I also like the spelling of Ayelette.... I have a dog named Sabrina so I like that for sure . I also think Serina/Sarina Alexandrie is cute too. I really like Alexandrie cause I never heard that before; it's unique but not too "out-there." Is lyrical a bad thing?

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    Daphne Marcheline - laurel tree / warrior- I've never loved Daphne and I'm not sure about the other one, but Delphine March would be a head-turner in my opinion.
    Corinna Elowen - maiden / elm- Carina Elowen might be better.
    Ayla Pandara - halo, moonlight / wife- Gorgeous! I like it a lot.
    Daisy Thalassa - flower name, pearl / the sea- I'd like it better if it were Thalassa Daisy.
    Sabrina Maple - mythology name, river name / tree name- LOVE! My favorite.
    Aloisa Norabel - renowned warrior / beautiful light- Sounds old-ladyish. I could see Norabel on a cow, not a child.
    Miriam Lilac - wished for child / flower, color- Pretty! Marian Lilac could be even better, in my opinion.
    Edith Tallulah - prosperous in war / leaping waters- I like Tallulah, but can't stand Edith. How about Amelie Tallulah?
    Phoebe Jovienne - radiant, shining one / Jupiter- I've never heard Jovienne, but I like it.
    Millicent Reverie - strong in work / daydream- It'd sound less old-lady and more, well, attractive if it were Melisande Reverie, which I think sounds beautiful and dreamlike.
    Saskia Bryony - knife / to sprout- Not the best on your list, but it's nice.
    Ivy Alexandrie - plant name / man's defender- Don't love the double -y/-ie ending, so maybe Ivy Alexandria? Reminds me of an ancient garden.
    Lainie Fiorella - bright shining one / little flower- Eh.
    Waverly Emmaliese - meadow of quivering aspens / universal- Eh.
    Gwendoline Poesy - white circle / poetry- Prefer the spelling Gwendolyn, otherwise adorable.
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    Lyrical is TOTALLY what I'm going for Serina/Serina is so pretty. I actually like the spelling. Would that spelling get me in touble? Should I stick with Serena? I like Sabrina more but I have a feeling my SO will really dig Sarina. He loves Sarah but I already have a cousin named Sarah. Alexandrie is a total gem in my eyes. I love the feel of it & I'm glad you like it, too. I'm usually not a huge fan of "Alexandra" names but this one strikes a cord with me. Thanks for your help.

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