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    Name combo feedback

    I am working on building my list right now and would appreciate feedback on the combos below. Thank you for your input!

    Verity Georgia/Pearl
    Moriah Linette/Pine/Victoire
    Antonia Fern/Pearl
    Georgia Lilac/Verity
    Cassia Blythe/Jane
    Felicity Shea
    Samara Tess/Bronte
    Adelaide Wren
    Yelena Shea
    Tessa Adelaide
    Tess Valentine
    Eleni Belle
    Vera Adelaide
    Rilla Cosette
    Cleome Bridget/Auden
    Jessamine Belle
    Willa Maple
    Marilla Cosette/Bronte

    I know that is a lot of combos, so don't feel like you need to give feedback for all of them! Thank you.

    EDIT: I forgot to add that I'd also love other suggestions similar to this style or ideas for switching the combos around.
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    I love Moriah Linette that is beautiful! Victorie Cosette is also beautiful! Very classy but also very unique!

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    I love the combo of Victoire Cosette too!
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    The ones that catch my eye as particularly beautiful are:

    Verity Pearl
    Moriah Linette
    Antonia Fern
    Georgia Verity

    I love them! Since you like Rilla, you may also like one of my favorites, Cilla.

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    Verity Georgia/Pearl - I like Georgia Verity or Verity Pearl
    Cassia Blythe/Jane - I love both Cassia Blythe or Cassia Jane
    Felicity Shea - I prefer Felicity Jane or Felicity Pearl
    Samara Tess/Bronte - I prefer Samara Bronte because Samara Tess sounds like a garbled word.
    Adelaide Wren - I think these run together too much.
    Tessa Adelaide - I like this combo.
    Tess Valentine - I prefer Tessa Valentina or Tessa Valencia.
    Vera Adelaide - Very nice combo.
    Rilla Cosette - Rilla? Reminds me of Gorilla.
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