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    My brother had a classmate named Oadley (Pronounced Oddly.) Poor little guy! Plus there are brothers I know named Bunrathany (prn. Bon-RAT-any), Bunrathana (prn. Bon-RAT-an-uh) and Bunrathamony (prn. Bon-RAT-uh-mony.) They all go by Rat as well.

    There was also a girl in his class named Loveline (Love-LEEN) and a group of sibling and cousin girls who were Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

    I have heard that La-a story countless times even a close friend who claimed she knew one. I hate urban legends! Another friend overheard a mother calling her daughters April, May and you guest it... June.

    There was a girl in my kindergarten class named Sanatha which always bothered me. Samantha is a fine name, why mess with it!

    I know a girl whose first name is Melanie, goes by Mel and her middle name is Esther... yep, molester!
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    A long time ago I saw an MTV true life about embarrassing parents. There was a set of sisters whose parents were clowns. The girls names were
    Candy gram
    Holly gram
    And I can't remember the last one! Tele, Ana, mono, mili
    Oh my I think it was Millie...
    I just remember thinking that it was odd they were embarrassed that the parents were clowns but not that they all had these silly names!

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    I work in a school and keep a folder of hilarious names...the ones I remember are more funny combos than the name itself. There is a Rachel Rachel, Peter tan, Ana Montana, Snow White, seraphina gianacakes, there are more but they are at my desk at work

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    Quote Originally Posted by mara_lyn86 View Post
    My SIL told me the Oranjello and Lemonjello story a while back. I laugh now because I believed it.
    Agree! I can't believe how many people actually claim to know someone with these names!

    And anyway, the worst name in history is clearly Renesemee. End discussion.
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    Worst Names?
    Boy do i have lots.... but I'll only say the worst
    Found these ones while looking for names for my little one:

    Katniss- I know she was a character in a book, but it's not actually a good name
    Gardner- Is she going to be a gardener? Maybe!
    Coco-lynn- a mother liked the name coco and wanted to honor her mother by adding lynn. Didn't work

    Names I've come across in life
    Princess and Prince- I knew twins named these
    Margarita- who surprisingly enough was an alcoholic
    Cookie- the poor girl hated it!
    Papi- A friend of mine who made me put his name in here
    Renaissance- Just no...

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