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Thread: Advice please:)

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    Advice please:)

    The girl's name that I am considering is Savannah Grace Paterson. Do you like this name or is it a mouthful with too many syllables? Does Savannah have too many other associations other than a little girl's name? I want a unique, beautiful name. Is this the one?

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    Savannah with your last name is a bit of a mouthful, but it's fine.
    Honestly, Savannah Grace P- is far from unique to me, it's a bit generic feeling and very safe imo. It's a pretty name, don't get me wrong.
    Savannah reminds me of the earlier 2000s when pretty much every other baby girl was named Savannah.
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    I know a girl with this exact same name--first, middle, and last--no lie!

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    Savannah Grace is a very beautiful combo! It feels very Southern, in an understated, beautiful way. I love that it's classically spelled and I don't think she'd really have any issues with it. I only have two concerns based on your criteria for your daughter's name:

    1. Savannah ranks within the top 50 in the US. This isn't super common, not as common as we'd think, anyway--when you do the math, it averages out to 108 per state, which is close to about 2 Savannahs born in each county. If each county was completely equal, which it isn't. It might be helpful to do research in your state (check out for exact data) to see if it's higher or lower than the national average. While this probably means there won't be another Savannah in her grade, there could always be a fluke, and I'm sure at some point she'll come across other Savannahs. It's not as popular as Sophia or Isabella, though, which averages out to be about 1 of each per grade/classroom. I wouldn't say Savannah is OVERDONE, but I wouldn't really say it's unique, either. How unique are you going for?

    2. Grace as a MN is extremely filler. I'm not sure how important this is to you, either. But Grace, Rose, Marie, Elizabeth, etc. are all very common and usually used because they just sound nice. I have one of these MNs (Marie), and that's exactly why my parents chose it--it sounded good and they didn't really move beyond Ashley Marie. It might be nice to have something a little more unusual for a MN (like Savannah June, Savannah Pearl, Savannah Grier, etc.?) that are the same length, but more interesting. If she does meet other Savannahs, I would think it would be very likely that they would be either Savannah Rose or Savannah Grace.

    Otherwise, I think it's a great name, and if those two things don't bother you, I'd go for it! Savannah Grace is lovely.
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    I love the name Savannah though I'm not a huge fan of Grace. I think if you choose a much more unique name than Grace and paired it with Savannah it could be great. I think one of the following could be nice.
    Savannah Isla Paterson
    Savannah Greer Paterson
    Savannah Viola Paterson
    or even
    Grace Isla Paterson
    Tabitha Grace Paterson
    Fiona Savannah Paterson
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