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    Apr 2014
    Father- Eoin Joseph
    Job- Robotics Engineer
    Age- 36

    Mother- Ruth Catherine
    Job- Biomedical Engineer
    Age- 36

    Conall Hugh, 8
    Eleanor Kate, 5
    Matthew Seamus, 3
    Amy Nora, 4months

    Morkie, M, Woody
    Morkie, F, Jewel

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    Jul 2013
    The Husband-
    Name: Henry Alexander Williams
    Age: 38
    Career: Fireman

    The Wife-
    Name: Samantha Isabella Williams
    Age: 35
    Career: Daycare Owner

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    Sophie Rain & Logan Harbor
    Age: 5

    Birth #2
    Kennedy Olivia & Jillian Bailey
    Age: 3

    Birth #3
    Spencer Hudson
    Age: 2

    Birth #4
    Julianna Emilia
    Age: NB

    The Pets-
    Female Bunny: Ivy
    Female German Shepherd: Maya
    Female Black Lab: Hanna
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Jun 2013
    Your husband's name is Maxwell Andrew Carter, but he goes by "Max." He is a 24-year-old electrician working at a local auto shop where he has been employed since his junior year of high school. You met Max at the auto shop when you came in for an oil change, and ever since then, you two have been inseparable.

    Your name is Kate Elspeth Carter and you are 23 years old. You have been a cosmetologist since you were 20, and you love your job at your aunt's salon working as a hairdresser and make-up artist. You & Max have been married for 6 months, and you are living in a small, 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house in your home neighborhood where your parents are super close. You can't wait to start expanding your family in the near future.

    2 years after you got married, you deliver a baby boy whom changes your life forever. Little baby Finn Marco Carter is a perfect angel with blue eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin, just like his daddy. After you give birth to Finn, you take a 6 month break from work to raise your little boy while Max works and maintains the house.

    A few months after Finn's first birthday, you find out you are pregnant again. Overjoyed, you begin looking for a new home for your growing family. A month before welcoming your new addition, you all move into a beautiful 3-bedroom bungalow down the street from Max's parents. Now you have a bigger yard, a front porch, and two bathrooms!

    At the age of 27, you welcome twin boys into the Carter family. You and Maxwell name them Evander Gabriel Carter & Amias Christopher Carter, and they are completely identical with their blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin. At this point, Max is 28 and Finn is 2.

    4 years after the twins' birth, things have changed quite a bit. Max moved his job to a different auto shop where he was promoted to Head Auto Manager. The move meant you had to quit working at your aunt's salon, and since then you have been a stay-at-home mom to the boys. Your new home is a big improvement, with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a gorgeous view of the forest preserve. All the kids have their own rooms, and you even have an extra space to expand your family. Finn is already 6 and going to kindergarten, while Evander & Amias have just started preschool.

    At this point, you find out you are expecting another addition to the family, and you and Max are more than excited. After the new year, you welcome daughter Adelaide Ianthe Carter, whom you call "Addie." She has brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin, and she instantly becomes the princess of the family. The boys all love Addie and welcome her lovingly. You are 32, Max is 33, Finn is 7, and Evander & Amias are 5.

    After Addie's birth, you and Max agree to take a break from having children and even begin to consider the family complete. You go back to work styling hair at a local salon, while Max picks up more shifts in order to afford a nicer home on the other side of town. 4 years after Addie's birth, you move to a beautiful 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom Craftsman home with a porch, pool, and gorgeous garden. You and Max get a master bedroom with your own private bathroom, and all four kids have their own rooms. At this point, you are 36, Max is 37, Finn is 11, Evander & Amias are 9 and Addie is 4.

    A year after moving into the house, you find out you are pregnant with your fifth child. Although it isn't planned and definitely not expected, you and Max are happy to complete your family with one more child. At the age of 38, you welcome daughter Frances Wren Carter. She is blonde haired, blue eyed and pale skinned and a perfect addition to your family. Max is 39, Finn is 13, Evander & Amias are 11, and Addie is 6.
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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    May 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    The Hawthorne Family
    Harry Taylor {Police Officer / 39} ❤ Ebony Helena {Music Producer / 36}
    Henry Oliver {8}
    August Lysander {5}
    Emmeline Beatrice {3}
    Jasper Charles {newborn}

    Birman blue: Sansa
    Mini Lop: Cybele
    Axolotl: Lottie
    Axolotl: Percy
    Russian blue: Gavroche
    Mini lop: Athena

    Harry and Eb Hawthorne with their four children;
    Henry, August, Bea and Jem, and their six pets;
    Sansa, Cybele, Lottie, Percy, Gavroche and Athena.
    Bryony | 21 | Australia | #1 Due June ‘18

    antigone - gwendolen - clementine - harriet - cordelia - hermione - persephone - guinevere - dorothy - wilhelmina - drusilla - olive - penelope - sibylla

    edmund - percy - atticus - felix - henry - oliver - ezra - hugh - theodore - ignatius

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    Husband: Nicholas West
    Job: Author
    Wife: Meleigha Irisa West
    Job: Teacher

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    2 Syllables, 2 Syllables
    Name: Raven Echo West
    Age: 15

    Birth #2
    From Name Bank, Ends with "n"
    Name: Vincent Derin West
    Age: 13

    Birth #3
    From Name Bank, Ends with "e" or "y"
    Name: Oliver Jaye West
    Age: 12

    Birth #4
    8+ Letters, Top 100 Names 2011
    Name: Celestia Violet West
    Age: 4

    1- Cat, Male
    2- Chinchilla, Male
    3- Bunny, Male
    4- Cat, Female
    5- Dog, Male
    6- Dog, Female

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