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    My Girl Combos - Updated WDYT?

    I have more names, but I have not come up with combos yet. Most of these have special meaning for me.

    Agnes Josephine
    Arwen Dallas
    Brier Rose Hawthorne
    Beibhinn Tyne
    Claudia Margot
    Clover Nildrohain
    Dorothy Gail
    Enid Aphrodite
    Nancy Ireland
    Judith Anne Marie
    Haddon Meadow
    Gage Papillon
    Gatsby Berlioz
    Gaia Starling
    Damon Cecelia
    Gotham Coraline
    Thora Pompeii

    Eowyn Hunter
    Emmeline York
    Hyacinth Rose
    Angelica Daisy
    Alice Paprika
    August Rosebud
    Bianca London
    Charlotte Elisabeth
    Eleanor Bo
    Electra Marvel
    Elisabeth Poetry
    Emma Finch
    Fern Meadow
    Harlow Vivian
    Iris Waterlily
    London Harlow
    Lydia Fable
    Patience Tulip
    Radley September
    River Thames / River Jordan
    Roosevelt Virginia
    Rowan Diana
    Scarlet Tintagal
    Talon Samantha
    Violet Peggotty
    Perdita Twilight
    Phoenix Tourmaline
    Harriet Lazuli
    Harper Enid
    Hermione Pearl
    Irish Rose
    Banner Liberty
    Baron Emma
    Basil Elizabeth
    Bjork Rosemary
    Benjamine Anne
    Celtic Ermengarde
    October China
    Seven Zoe
    Persimmon Coventry
    Salem Poet
    Spruce Autumn
    Maude Harriet
    Courage Hope
    Anne Rowan
    Bayou Grace
    Beckham Ivy
    Belle Claudia
    Boston Margaret
    Cairo Vivian / Kairo Vivian
    Pandora Alice
    Lilybet Hollowtree
    Pippilotta Contessa
    Veruca Violet
    Serendipity Brier
    Georgiana Frances
    Fairuza Gail
    Regan Cordelia
    November Violet
    Wilder July
    Vada Sullivian
    Ocean Dinah
    Fox Chamomile
    Tree Paisley
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    Most of these have special meanings?!

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    ...Wow. I was expecting a short list. You must have a lot of free time. A verruca is a type of wart. A talon is like a particularly long and frightening nail. Not really the nicest things. River Thames is like a joke name. You can't do Courage and Hope together. There are plenty of others that I don't like, but they're just not my style. These I find to be unacceptable, and I really don't think many would disagree. I really don't get it. Some of these are perfectly fine and lovely, then some are way out of bounds. I know these are special to you so I'm sorry if I offended.

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