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    Came up with a few more:

    Ada is kind of cool too-- similar to the Ava/Eva craze but distinctive and classic.

    Eliza (like Elizabeth from the Bible)

    Lucia (feminine form of Luke)

    Melea / Melia? (one list I saw listed this as a Biblical name-- I'm not familiar with it but it's pretty)

    Priscilla / Cilla / Cillia



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    Just want to put a good word in for Galilee! I find it really beautiful and poetic. I would go with Noelle though, since it's so pretty and you both like it!

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    Love Mimi or Noey for Naomi. It's such a pretty underused Bible name.

    Naomi Lauren
    Naomi Maren (Marjorie/Maggie--Lauren mush if you dont mind a less obvious namesake, actually, I really love that for you!)

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    What about Glory? Similar in some ways to Galilee but a little more simple.

    Also, Esther nn Tess is beautiful and fun.

    Also, Moriah which is a lovely Biblical name that's not often used.

    Noelle is also one of my all time favorites, nn Nell, Nelly

    ps. as for working in Lauren, I actually know a girl named you know, things can work out.
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