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    In a pickle as duedate draws closer...any help would be much appreciated!!

    So… whilst I feel I am significantly closer to ‘the name’ for my baby girl than I was a few months ago…(I am extremely grateful to all berries who have helped so far in the name journey) I am still in a bit of a pickle as my due date draws closer! I have three names that I adore but they each with their own little issues!! Some of you may have been privy to previous posts and the first two names may sound familiar:

    Aurora Valentine and Matilda Valentine

    I Adore both first names and I adore the way they sound with Valentine. I would really like to use Valentine in the middle as Valentine’s day has special significance for this little baby and it is a name that we would probably not use if we were to be blessed with more babies in the future!!


    Main issue with Aurora is that I cannot find a nickname that I absolutely love and I feel that as Aurora is such a mouthful she will inevitably go by some kind of nickname! Cannot fall in love with Rory or alternatives (Auri, Rora or even Aura which would be my preference of the options). I absolutely LOVE the name Aurora and think it is the most beautiful of the three but in a sense the least usable as this is a concern.

    Matilda I also adore and added bonus that I love the nn Tillie however i've just discovered that Matilda is in the top 20 in Australia where I live and has been for 5 years…while I’m not going to let popularity totally faze me… It definitely makes me think twice despite of how much I love the name. Having said this I think Aurora and Eloise (third name I love will also climb in popularity!)

    Eloise also adore, and while it’s not as whimsical as Aurora, unlike Aurora I am spoiled for choice in terms of nn’s I Love (Lulu, lula, lola, lolly, Elsie, Ellie and even Louie and so it just feels more usable…my main struggle has been finding a middle name for Eloise. As I mentioned above would love to use Valentine due to special significance for this baby but I’m not sure Eloise Valentine flows as well as Aurora Valentine or Matilda Valentine? what do you think?

    Have also considered
    Eloise Aurora
    Eloise Matilda

    and while I'm reluctant to use three names:

    Eloise Aurora Valentine
    Eloise Matilda Valentine
    (unfortunately all three names have 3 syllables which is a major naming faux pas hey!)

    Other combos I considered with or with out Valentine (my snese is that perhas three names is too much)

    Eloise Luna (Valentine)
    Eloise Ruby (Valentine)
    Eloise Clover (Valentine)
    Eloise Ottilie (Valentine)
    Eloise Calypso (Valentine)
    Eloise Ophelia (Valentine)

    Can anyone HELP with this pickle?! What are your thoughts? and also please feel free to play around and mix and match with Eloise combos! Any help would be really appreciated!

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    I adore Aurora, Matilda & Eloise and if someday you were to ever have three daughters the names would be absolutely perfect together!

    I adore Aurora Valentine and Matilda Valentine, have you considered Eloise Valentina?

    Eloise Ophelia is stunning and would be my favourite of the other options!

    How about...
    Eloise Amelia
    Eloise Francesca
    Eloise Georgina
    Eloise Victoriea
    Eloise Penelope
    Eloise Matilda
    Eloise Charlotte
    Eloise Rosemary
    Eloise Imogen
    Eloise Isabella
    Eloise Susannah

    I think Aurora Valentine stylistically fits better than Matilda Valentine, but you could always consider Matilda Eloise as a second option or for a second daughter? I have fallen in love with this combo and think it is perfect!

    In terms of nicknames for Aurora Valentine - this is a little bit of a stretch but it could work - take the A from Aurora and the first two letters of the middle name Valentina and you have Ava, what do you think? If people take intials like AJ, TJ, I don't see why you couldn't use Ava?!
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    Don't know if this will help any but the only Aurora I've ever known (we were in high school together) never went by a nickname. She just went by Aurora and it was never a problem so if you really love Aurora, I would just use it and not worry about having a nickname.

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    I think Eloise Aurora Valentine would be absolutely gorgeous! I don't mind that they are all 3 syllables because of the difference in stress of the names: EloISe AuROra VALentine. I think it's a great compromise between the names you love too. And Eloise and Matilda would make such a nice sibset, should that be the case. Good luck!

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    I'm a fan of all your names, as well as the Matilda Eloise suggestion.

    I love Aurora, I think it's gorgeous. Aurora is the only one I'd use Valentine with though, even though I think Valentine in the middle is precious. .

    The other two choices for me come down to Eloise Matilda or Matilda Eloise. I love the idea of using Lulu for Eloise but I think I love Matilda Eloise just a tad more. But it's close. So basically for me:

    1. Matilda Eloise
    2. Aurora Valentine

    I hope this helps, because I see your dilemma. Three very pretty options.
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