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Thread: Blind Name Date

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    Blind Name Date

    Pretty simple. Poster 1 picks a name, and poster 2 describes what a person with that name is like when they turn up on a blind date. Then poster 2 picks the next name.


    Poster One: Claude.

    Poster Two: Claude shows up to the restaurant late. It's a rainy day and he forgot an umbrella, so he's drenched. He's tall, thin, and perfectly bald and wears round glasses and a tweed suit with pant legs that are slightly too short. His mustache literally resembles bird poop, and he's wearing two different socks. Claude orders an arugula salad and water and keeps talking about the Civil War no matter how much his date tries to change the subject.
    New name: Ellen

    Got it? Okay. The first name is:
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    Abigail wants to meet her date at the zoo. She shows up to her date wearing a funky animal hat, converse shoes and lime green knee high socks. She talks more to the animals than to her date. She decides that she really wants to get her dates heart pumping, so she throws him into the shark tank. Her date survives but their future of a relationship does not.

    Next name: Dean

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    Dean is the college football quarterback. As a result of the seven concussions he's had, he forgets which restaurant to go to. After showing up to three different restaurants, he finally decides to give up, grabs a pizza to go, and heads home to watch the highlights of his latest game. Meanwhile, his date across town waits patiently until she gets offered a drink by a handsome and rich banker (whom she thinks is her blind date all along). Being a match made in Heaven, they hit it off and three years later, they marry and go on to have 4 beautiful children. Some things are just meant to happen (or, in this case, not to happen - sorry Dean).

    Next name: Esme

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    Esme is a tall, slim, and gorgeous twenty-four-year-old redhead. She works as first grade teacher and her life revolves mainly around her students. Her best friend sets her up on a blind date at an expensive Italian restaurant with a successful thirty-five-year-old businessman. Esme's date is taken by surprise when she shows up in a simple but pretty green dress and heels, with little makeup and her hair in loose waves. She laughs at his corny jokes, carries on an intelligent conversation, and makes him feel more relaxed than he's ever been in months. There's definitely going to be a second date.

    Next name: Lysander

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    Lysander grumbles as he walks through the sunny day to the coffeehouse where he will meet his date. He shuffles his Birkenstocks and barely says hello to the girl. He orders a basic hamburger but when it comes with pickles he screams and yells and insists he wanted CHEESE AND KETCHUP AND LETTUCE AND NOTHING ELSE. The date is appalled and walks out as he begins to wrestle the waiter. When he notices she is gone and the hamburger has been thrown in the waiter's face, he eats her salad and runs away without paying the bill.

    New name: Briella
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