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Thread: WDYT of Nixon

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    WDYT of Nixon

    Hey there!
    Im curious what you guys think of the name Nixon. Im sure plenty of you American berries cant stand it, but for those of you who aren't American or aren't bothered by the infamous connection id love to hear your thoughts.

    Also can anyone come up with alternative spelling?? Not because i want it to be yoo-neek, more looking at alternative spelling to move away from the same spelling as the famous surname.


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    I am an American berry so I won't say anything about the connections. I think it is a fine name but its just not my taste. What about spelling it:
    Nicson or

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    American, so yeah. But I rather like Nyx or Nixie for a girl, which is a mythology thing more than a surname thing.

    And I like Nicholas/Dominic as ways to Nick for a boy but I'm guessing you want to avoid those.

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    I don't like it, I'm Canadian.

    All I get it nick which makes me think of the little cuts you get from shaving, or the cuts you make to remove the spokes in pineapple.

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    I'm American too, and it's still too tied to Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon. I don't like it, even with out the bad president association.

    Maybe Nickson?

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