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    Create names that fit these categories

    I just saw another thread like this and found it so intriguing that I thought I'd start another which some different categories. Feel free to switch the first and mn order if it sounds better that way!

    A variation of your grandmother's name and a bird name:
    Babette Wren

    A name that references where you went to school (college or HS) and a tree name:
    Colton Oak

    A name beginning with the first letter of your middle name and a nature name:
    Hudson Shale

    A variation of your maiden name and an unusual flower name:
    Mackenzie Plumeria

    A combination of your name & your mother's name and an a feminization of a name:
    Lori Antonia

    A literary name and an animal name:
    Marcellus Bear

    An author name and a word name:
    Bronte Song


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