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    Bad Cassandra nicknames

    DH likes the name Cassandra. It's growing on me but I'm slightly worried about nicknames. Although I'm not fond of Cassie I'm more concerned with kids teasing with Assie or Ass!!! Do you think I'm over thinking this or is this a real concern?

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    I've known Cassandras who go by Cassandra and Cassandras who go by Cassie. I would never have come up with Assie, don't think you have anything to worry about. It's a very pretty name-- but Cassie isn't exactly my style either.

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    I grew up with a Cassandra - she mostly got Cassandra, SOMETIMES Cass, and even more rarely Cassie (though I think that's because it was well known that she hated Cassie), and never Sandra/Sandy/Andy. I never heard any "ass" or "assie" jokes or teasing.

    I love Cassandra...I don't see it mentioned on NB very often, but I don't see why not, it's lovely, historical and classic without being over-done. She'd probably be the only one in her class, but it's a well-known name that everyone knows how to pronounce, and that has a few cute nns. Over-all, it's a beautiful, classy choice and I would love to meet a little Cassandra!

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    I think you're over thInking things, I can't imagine anyone coming up with that nn
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    I think you're over thinking it. I don't think "Ass" or "Assie" is a threat to Cassandra at all.
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