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    I had a great grandpa names Noble, he went by Nob (pronounced "nobe") for short. Just thought I'd throw that in!

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    I like Aristotle and think going by Aris is perfect!

    Noble is nice but just not my choice between the two. I like the idea of names that conjur up positive connotations and as such we have Valor and King (family name) on our list of middles for a boy, though granted Valor has a little more military influence on it I guess.

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    Out of the two I like Noble. That is a nice name, and I love the meaning. It is unique, but still has history and tons of meaning compared to a lot of made up, kre8tiv spellings you see nowadays. Like others have said, I think Aristotle is too heavy for a little boy, even though Aris is cute as a nickname. Maybe you can use that name in the future as a middle name?

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    I prefer Noble, but I think I could get used to Aristotle, especially nicknamed Aris or Ari. I would personally put Aristotle in the middle. Aristotle George is very handsome, though. I'm not familiar with the name Thanh, but since it isn't familiar it does solve the difficulty of a middle name for Noble.
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    On a whole I prefer Noble but I am intrigued by the nn potential of Aristotle. I would love to meet a little Aris!

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