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    Which works better with my sibset?

    Hi! We finally decided on the name Emmeline/Emmalyn for our third child (second girl). Which spelling/pronunciation (line or lyn) sounds best with our sibset? Also, which nn choice works best with sibset as we plan on using one pretty regularly. Last name starts and ends with a D and is two syllables. Middle name will be Patricia after my aunt who passed away last month. We live in the U.S. and I'm from the south. This feels important to share as I'm worried about people mispronouncing her name on a regular basis. Thanks so much for your insight and suggestions!

    Other siblings: Jackson Cole (after my grandfather and hubby), Clara Elizabeth (also family name)

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    Emmalyn sounds trendy, but Emmeline is sweet and darling, like Clara. One vote fore Emmeline. For nicknames, Em, Emmy, Mel, Emma, Lina, Millie (depends on accent/how you say it, and maybe Emsie. My favorite of those would probably be.... Emmy 'cause it's adorable! Good luck!
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    I second the pronunciation "line" as being more classic and therefore a better pairing with Clara. I like Emmy/Emma for the nickname.

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    Emmeline Patricia sounds better.
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    Love Emmeline Patricia. Emmelyn doesn't feel as pretty, or suit Clara as well as the other spelling. I pronounce it like line. Some cute nicknames could be Emmy, Emma, Linny, Mae, or Em.

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