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    May 2012
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    danni Guest
    Colonel Christopher Brandon

    Miss Jane Bennet

    1. Jane Ariadne Brandon (dead)
    2. Bennet Fitzwilliam Brandon (dead)
    3. Jane Ariadne Brandon (lives)
    4. Bennet Fitzwilliam Brandon (lives)
    5. Christian Harry Brandon (lives)
    6. John Edward Brandon (lives)
    7. Pamela Rosalind Brandon (dead)
    8. Pamela Rosalind Brandon (lives)
    9. Philip Gardiner Brandon (lives)
    10. Richard Joseph Brandon (lives)
    11. Henry Darcy Brandon (lives)
    12. Janessa Juliet Brandon (lives)
    13. Elijah Colonel Brandon (dead)

    Miss Jane (21)—betrothed to Sir William Michaels
    Mr Bennet (20)—courting Miss Abigail Gates
    Mr Christian (19)—joining the army
    Mr John (18)—going to university
    Miss Pamela (16)
    Mr Philip (15)
    Mr Richard (14)
    Mr Henry (13)
    Miss Janessa (12)

    Angel babies: Jane Ariadne I, Bennet Fitzwilliam I, Pamela Rosalind I, Elijah Colonel

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    May 2009
    Father: Mr. Charles Bingley
    Mother: Miss Emma Woodhouse

    5 children: boy, girl, girl, girl, boy
    lived/died: lived, lived, died, lived, died

    Boy - Luke Weston
    Girl - Juliet Faith
    Girl - Maia Victoria (deceased)
    Girl - Maia Bridget
    Boy - Roderigo 'Roddy' Vincent

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    May 2012
    Middle Earth
    Father: Reverend Edward Ferrars
    Mother: Miss Elizabeth Bennet

    1. Ophelia Juliet (died)
    2. Ophelia Juliet (lived)
    3. Benedick Peter (lived)
    4. Eliza Helen (lived)
    5. Rosalind Iris (died)
    6. Edward Seamus (died)
    7. Edward Seamus (lived)
    8. Rosalind Iris (lived)
    9. Felicity Rebekah (died)
    10. Felicity Rebekah (lived)
    11. Elizabeth Adelaide (died)
    12. John William (died)

    Living children:
    Ophelia Juliet (21), Benedick Peter (20), Eliza Helen (19), Edward Seamus (16), Rosalind Iris (15), and Felicity Rebekah (13)
    anne teresa. 20.
    bibliophile & anglophile.
    "if you'll only call me anne spelled with an e i shall try to reconcile myself to not being called cordelia." -anne of green gables

    Eliza Magdalene | Beatrice Mercy | Lucy Katherine
    Eleanor Felicity | Vivian Althea | Adeline Fiona
    Lewis Eliot Gray | James August | Alexander Lincoln
    Ezra Dietrich | Peter Gabriel | Henry Benjamin

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    Sep 2011
    FATHER: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

    MOTHER: Miss Marianne Dashwood

    Jonah Romeo
    Henrietta Ruth
    Georgiana Venus (deceased)
    Margaret India (dceased)
    Cordelia Jane (deceased)
    Lydia Grace (deceased)
    Georgiana Venus
    Alice Juliet (deceased)
    Wilhelmina Athena (deceased)

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