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    Anyway to avoid nn Lucy from Lucille

    I would really love to name a daughter of mine Lucille because it means a lot in the family however Lucy is just way to over used for me and almost seems boring and so common. However I never hear Lucille and I think it's so much prettier and fuller, do you think she could stay Lucille and avoid Lucy? And also do you prefer Lucille or Lucinda???
    Thank you!!

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    I'd prefer Lucinda to Lucille, although I love Lucy so I'm not sure I'm the best person to weigh in. I would like Lucille as a middle name, too.

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    I know a 3 year old who goes strictly by Lucille. Whenever someone accidentally calls her Lucy, her parents politely correct them and it's never a big deal.

    I lile Lucille better than Lucinda

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    I prefer Lucille to Lucinda, but both are lovely. Some people are going to call her Lucy. It's going to happen. You just have to say, "no, her name is Lucille". People will get the hang of it. Then again, she may grow to prefer the sweet and spunky Lucy to the formal and lovely Lucille. You can only control what you do. If you love Lucille, call her Lucille. But be prepared for people (maybe even herself) to call her Lucy.
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    I never understood why people nickname a child when the child is introduced by his or her parents in a certain way. Who gives anyone other than the parents the right to decide what a child is called?

    Call her Lucille. Introduce her as Lucille, write her name as Lucille, she'll call herself Lucille. if someone says "Lucy", just say quietly "we call her by her full name" and then change the subject.

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