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    Your name: Bailee Nicole
    Your husbands name: Wyatt Owen

    Your 10 year old boy Declan Tierney.

    Your 7 year old girl Isla Paisley.

    Your 3 year old boy Aidan Riley.

    Your 4 week old twin girls, Tessa Makenzey and Mia Kassidey.

    Your out at the mall with all the kids. Declan is pushing the twins, your husbands walking beside you, your carrying Aidan and Isla is walking infront. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off in the mall and you can see flames raising from the ground floor! You can see your husband faintly with the kids running, you have Aidan in your hands but thing become blurry and you passed out. When you wake up your out side the mall surrounded by police men, medics and firefighters. They stopped the burning building and nobody died. You turn your head you see your husband and kids. You go to run but stop. Your husband's crying and there are only 4 children beside him one is missing!

    Little Aidan is missing and the police revel it is now a kidnap investigation. You're gobsmacked!

    What happen next?
    We are very sad and devastated a for a week and a half after the kidnapping. Later, we resume our normal lives and except that we may never see our little Aidan again. The kids miss our little boy. We pray every night in hopes of his return, but are told by police that he is most likely dead as it is winter. Even though we go back to our normal lives (our kids need a strict schedule), we still are focused on the main goal of finding Aidan.

    It takes 2 months to find Aidan. His kidnapper is a stranger from the mall who was trying to help him escape the fire, but couldn't find me or Wyatt afterwards. The kidnapper hands himself in with hopes to find Aidan's parents.

    You find him and your delighted your family is finally back to normal but you all have to go to counciling

    How does it effect each child mentally and physically?
    *I am back to normal once he is back, but Wyatt, Declan, Isla and Aidan aren't.
    *Wyatt is also glad that he is home, but can't help thinking that this will happen to another one of the kids and buys the ADT alert system.
    *Declan loves his family and his brother the most. He was very upset when Aidan was missing. When he came back he was very happy and back to normal, but he still prays a lot to make sure this never happens again.
    *Isla and Aidan are best friends and the love each other more than anything. They play together all the time and don't take time for granted anymore.
    *Declan is very scared and sleeps with Wyatt and I every night. He doesn't want to be away from us ever again.
    *The twins were too young to be effected.

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