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    Fenyx Deklan Cruz Gillespie

    ok so the Fenyx is a spelling flare on the traditional Phoenix - i wanted something a little more unusual and rugged/rocker-ish. something that is manly & strong.
    the meaning basically boils down to "rebirth by fire" - and we are christian believers , so that has substantial meaning to me & the hubs

    i LOVED both of these middle names Deklan & Cruz and couldn't decide, so finally settled on BOTH! lol they flow well to me though, so it's an easy transition in my opinion. i've never been a fan of Loooong names but i'm just in love with all of these.

    traditional spelling Declan was misleading as far as pronunciation goes to me, and i always wanted to say "dee-clan"...but the "Dek" spelling seems to keep me straight and say "Deck-Lan" ) Deklan means "full of goodness"...and we believe our baby boy will be consumed with goodness and kindness because that's what we plan on teaching him!

    lastly, Cruz...I just love the modern & simple 'wow' factor it brings. The meaning of Cruz is "bearer of the Cross of Christ"

    our last name is Gillespie.

    my hubby still isn't fully convinced of this full name. he's kinda like i's too long! but something about it just makes me smile when i say it. i've been playing with baby names since i was in 6th grade in junior high! i'm now almost 29 years old. hubby is 36. this will be our first child. not prego yet....taking my first round of clomid right now. i had PCOS most all of my life and have recently lost 130 lbs due to weight loss surgery and now no longer have we are getting things lined out and ready to start our lil family and we are beyond excited. we have been married for almost 7 years. been "trying" since year 2 but with no medical help. just doing what we knew to do...haha. i have a gut feeling it's coming soon though - so i'm researching and preparing now.

    let me know what you think of the overall flow of the name and your views on the meaning. also if you have any other ideas, feel free to share!

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