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    I think that you can change it still. especially since you don't use CHloe too much. Like others have said, children are adaptable and hear a bunch of different names when young. Identity has a lot to do with the child's position in the family not just the name. I think it might be troublesome to her that you have trouble saying her name if you can't get over it. I'm sorry i don't really have a comment on the names but the topic caught my eye. i think you should go with your gut and not get too caught up with others comments on changing it or what name is best..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixiewoo View Post
    Let's all be honest here, if she had named her daughter a ridiculous name, you all would be giving the go ahead to change it.
    I don't really have an opinion here, but in fairness, the reason people would be telling her to change a "ridiculous" name is because they'd probably weigh the pros and cons and sometimes, changing the name and risking whatever chance of some identity crisis is better than saddling a child with a name that will cause a lifetime of emotional distress. It seems that posters don't think the risk is worth it to change a name like Chloe, which most likely, won't ever negatively affect the child.

    Like I said, I don't really have an opinion because I don't know the ramifications to the child. If she was a month old, I'd say change it, but I do think posters make a fair point about her knowing her name at this age and being affected by it.

    P.S. Off topic, but since it came up in this thread, I'm opposed to people changing the names of adopted children. I think it's reasonable to add to an adopted child's name (add another first name or a middle name or whatever), but not change it, especially if they're older.

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    I meant that her name is part of her identity and if the mother were to change it it would be confusing ..I still think this is about the mother and not the child ..thanks for air quoting me ..sheesh

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    Quote Originally Posted by conley View Post
    This is just my personal opinion, I think it is WAY too late to change her name. Way.

    I agree. That ship has sailed. Find the best nickname that you like for her and stick with it.
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