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    Love Gillian - dislike "Jill" other nicknames?

    I think Gillian/Jillian is a beautiful, classy, feminine name - but I don't care for Jill. Would my future daughter be doomed to Jill, or does anybody know of any other good nicknames for Gillian?

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    You can use lili (pronounced lee-lee) or however you want to spell it. I don't know though, I think most everyone will go back to Jill. I had the same problem with my son's name. I disliked the normal nickname that went along with it, which is Rick or Ricky, so I compromised on another nickname but my husband's father calls my son Ricky D. Sounds like a DJ. ):

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    What about Lee or Ann/Annie?? I love Ann as a nickname for Gillian!

    Good luck!

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    Your daughter would not be doomed to be a Jill if you don't want her to be! If you never call her Jill, no one else will. And if they do, you can always nip it in the bud early.
    As for other nicknames for Gillian, there are some- they're stretches, but there. Here we go.
    Gil (prounounced with a G sound)

    I hope that helps!

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    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    Ricky D. - That's cute! I wonder if Lily would be too much of a stretch. I don't mind Lilly (-:

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