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    When your children are 3 and 1, your husband flies out to London to film a Biopic about the life of John Lennon. Although you'll miss him, you're used to being apart. He's filmed overseas before and you're not worried. However, two months later, you read that he's been getting very close with his co-star Gemma Aterton. You know he loves you and that you shouldn't believe everything you read, but you can't help but wonder...

    A few weeks later, there's a photo that everyone is talking about. A photo of your husband and his co-star kissing in a black London cab. When he returns home, he tells you it was a drunken mistake and that he doesn't love her. You give him a second chance, but a month later, your husband travels to New York and another photo is published! This time, it's a photo of your husband having dinner with the actress in a New York restaurant. When he comes home, you file for divorce. To top it all, a week after filing for divorce, you discover you're pregnant again! Eight months later, you give birth to a baby Girl who you decide to name Ivy Ada Grace.

    A year later and your children are 5, 3 and 1. You're working on your third album and you've recently written a song for the soundtrack of a new animated movie. You're at a charity event when you get talking to a young film director called Spencer Aaron Oakley. He's very passionate about world issues and runs an organisation which promotes gender equality in developing countries. There's something about his passion and determination that you find extremely attractive. He asks to see you the next day. You haven't been on a date since your divorce and you feel ready to love again, so you agree to go to dinner with him. You have an amazing time and a few weeks later you introduce him to your children. When you're sure that they like him, you become an item. A month later, your third album Under the Sun is released. It doesn't sell as much as your last two albums, but is still successful.

    On your first anniversary, you bring up the subject of marriage. Your boyfriend explains that he doesn't want to get married until homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals. You're a bit taken aback, but his caring nature is what attracted you to him. You ask if he would be interesting in trying for a baby instead. He suggests adopting a child as there are so many children without parents. A year later, you adopt a Baby boy from Kenya named Tamba Isaac Oakley.

    When your children are 9, 7, 5 and 2, your husband travels to India as part of a poverty-reduction project. While he is there, you discover that you're pregnant! You had been planning a fourth record, but your plans on hold to have twins! You have twin girls who you name Bliss Sincerity Poppy and Mercy Serenity Senna Okaley.

    After the twins are born, you decide not to record a fourth album and instead focus on your husband's organisation and promoting gender equality, and record the soundtrack for your husband's film about the mistreatment of women in Afghanistan. You win the Celebrity Campaigner of the Year award three years running and live happily ever after

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