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    Locking old threads

    Is there a way that any threads after, say, a year can be automatically locked? I don't think it's a problem keeping the threads up, especially as reference, but we don't really need to reply to most of the threads that are more than a year old.

    Or, threads could be locked after a year without replies. I think this might be better since I know there are a few long running threads that are over a year old.
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    I think your idea of threads that haven't been replied to (not started because like you said some games continue to go on) within a certain period of time. I'd add one provision though: Allow the thread starter to still make a reply, because in some cases the member may have a use to bring up an older topic (while still preventing others from bumping topics just because they found them and want to say something).

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    I agree with casilda. On other forums this is referred to as "gravedigging" and it's really annoying. If a thread hasn't been replied to in a year then it definitely should be locked. It's kind of ridiculous when people are posting baby name recommendations for a child that was born two years ago.

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