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    These are great! I've nodded my head in agreement with many of them, but the ones i can remember really thinking of are
    Melanoma (i've had it, and one of my first thoughts upon diagnosis was that it didn't SOUND bad at all. melaaaanoooomaaaa)
    Calamity is so cute
    All the medication ones, especially Mirena (BF has randomly said he thinks it'd be a pretty name, and he NEVER talks names!), Lunesta, Lyrica, Ambien
    Rugby (a little over the top)

    I have known a Margarita, too, and only thought of the drink even at a young age. But it is a pretty sound. Mimosa i didn't even realize was a real name, and whenever i see it mentioned on the boards i kind of cringe... Makes me think of hungover sunday brunches
    I work in a company that also employs a Tequila and a Brandy... and don't care for those associations with the alcohol either. But i do think Tequila has a nice ring to it.
    Same with Jameson... too much like the whiskey.
    Guinness is an animal name IMO but a nice sound.

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