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    ("o zhoor dwee")
    (French word meaning today)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetxbelle View Post
    I also like
    Mirena (This is a birth control name, medications make great names lol)
    yes, I keep noticing that! medicines take so many good names!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ali_absolutely View Post
    Silhouette is one of my favorite words to say and I wish I had the courage to put it on my list! It's just so pretty.
    Silhouette really is pretty!

    My big one is Millefleur. It's from "mille fleurs" or "thousand flowers." It's the name of a flower-covered pattern found in glassware and tapestries. I almost think it could work.

    I'll also throw out Medley, Fontanel, and Landaulette.
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    I really like Silhouette now... but one of my favorite names is Vulcan. It's still considered a name, but due with the huge association of Star Trek I'm pretty sure it's unusable now.
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