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    DW: Jena Elise Crawford
    DH: Maxwell Christopher Crawford

    Ben marries Casey Olivia DeSanto at age 26. They live close to us in Kent, Washington. He works as a veterinarian and Casey is a kindergarten teacher. They have two sons, Caleb Maxwell and Aaron Silas Crawford.
    Caleb [age 6]:
    Aaron [age 2]:

    Norah goes into a career of singer/songwriter, winning 4 Grammies before finally marrying Liam Joseph Malone, the drummer of a rock band. They met at the Grammies, and didn't get married for 6 years, until Norah was 29. But they soon start a family, eventually having four children, two boys and two girls. Adele Tallulah Malone was first, born before Norah and Liam married. She was followed by Cash Joseph, Lennon August and Ella Crimson Malone, all first names after famous musicians [Adele, Johnny Cash, John Lennon and Ella Fitzgerald].
    Adele [age 10]:
    Cash [age 8]:
    Lennon [age 5]:
    Ella [age 3]:

    Dylan marries Claire Miranda Venson at age 22, fresh out of college. He works as a graphic artist, and has done really well. Claire works as a bank teller. She tragically dies in a car wreck, leaving him a single dad. They have three sons, Wesley Christopher and twins William Cole and Wyatt Connor Crawford.
    Wesley [age 6]:
    Will and Wyatt [age 4]:

    Harper marries Blake Daniel Wexford at age 26. He works as an editor and she works as a nurse. They have three kids, two girls and a boy: Isabelle Rose, Holden Isaac and Lorelei Elise.
    Belle [age 5]:
    Holden [age 3]:
    Rory [newborn]:

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    Kaia Brynn Ramsey Gray & Rhys William Gray
    -our children-
    William Rhys Gray
    Thora Lois Gray

    William married Gwendolen Maria Evans (now Grey) and they had two children together, a girl and a boy.

    They named their boy Rhys and girl Louisa.

    Their family:
    H: William Rhys Gray
    W: Gwendolen Maria Gray {nee Evans}
    -S: Rhys William Evan Gray
    -D: Louisa Gwendolen Brynn Gray

    Thora married Henry David Hornsby and had two daughters.

    They named their daughters Bronwen and Willow.

    W: Thora Lois Hornsby {nee Gray}
    H: Henry David Hornsby
    -D: Bronwen Lois Hornsby “Brynn
    -D: Willow Maia Hornsby

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    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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    Phoebe Rose & Frazier Henry Santos
    One son
    Name: Evander Jeremy Santos

    Celia Juliet & Aidan Alexander Force
    One daughter
    Name: Clara Hope Force

    Violet Evangeline & Noah Dennis Albright
    Three children, 2 girls & 1 boy
    Names: Ethan Noah Albright, Addison Jillian Albright, & Marina Isabel Albright

    Ruby Charlotte & Nicholas Antonio Sorrentino
    One son
    Name: Declan Rhys Sorrentino

    Destiny Athena & James William Roberts
    Three children, 2 boys & 1 girl
    Names: Hudson Philip Roberts, Zoe Jane Roberts, & Finlay Adam Roberts

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    Caden's life - Caden went to college to study business, but dropped out after his first year. At 19, he set up his own online dating website. When he was 21, he met Carly Webster in a coffee shop. She had just graduated from college and was working as a vetinary nurse. They started dating and two years later, she fell pregnant. They had a son who they named Bentley Harrison. When Caden was six months old, Carly went back to work and Caden stayed home with the baby. When Bentley was a year old, Caden proposed to Carly. They set a date, but three months before the wedding, Carly discovered she was pregnant again. Six months after they married, she gave birth to Jacob Noah. When Bentley was five and Jacob was three, Caden and Carly started arguing. A year later, Carly admitted to sleeping with her boss and they agreed to divorce. The boys lived with Carly and stayed with Caden at weekends. A year after Caden and Carly's divorce, Caden found himself in bed with his best friend, Luna, after they'd both had a few drinks. The next morning, they agreed to spend some time apart. Caden didn't want to ruin his friendship with Luna, but he felt himself falling for her. They met up two weeks later and decided to take things slow. Three months later they married. Two years later, Luna gave birth to Zachary Isaac. Caden is now 38. His dating website is successful and Luna works as a yoga instructor. Bentley is 15 and Jacob is 13. They live with Carly in Seattle, Washington, but stay with Caden and Luna for four weeks every summer. Zachary is four, he loves his father and looks up to him more than anyone else.

    Lucas' life - Luke studied Fine Art at college and did well until his 2nd year when he got involved with one of his professors, Leila. She was young, small and pretty with dark hair and enchanting eyes. One day he stayed behind after class to talk to her about an assignment and one thing led to another. They started an affair which lasted four months, until they were spotted by another student. Luke was expelled from college and moved back in with his parents until he found his feet again. He started selling his paintings at a local market and soon his work was bringing in quite a bit of money. Six months later, he was behind his stall when he saw Leila. They spoke for a while and she bought one of his paintings. They agreed to meet for coffee the next day. A year later they were married. When Luke was 23 and Leila was 33, they started trying for a baby. A year later, Leila fell pregnant, but she miscarried at 11 weeks. Over the next three years, she miscarried four more times. After the fifth miscarriage, they gave up trying. Since they had married, Luke had started teaching fine art evening classes and Leila had changed her career path entirely and was working as a chef in an Italian restaurant. When Luke was 30 and Leila was 40, she unexpectedly fell pregnant. They were wary throughout the entire pregnancy, but Leila carried to full-term and gave birth to Blake Christopher. When he was born, they discovered he had Down's Syndrome. At first they were shocked, but they loved him anyway. Luke is now 36, he still runs his fine art evening classes. Leila is 46 and is a stay at home to Blake, who is now six.

    Willow's life - Willow never went to college. At 18, she started her journey around the world. She made money by temporary waitressing and barmaid jobs. While in England, she worked in a pub called The Trophy where she met Daniel. They had a whirlwind romance and he followed her to Greece. One night, while watching the sunset, Daniel proposed to her. Willow said yes, but the next day she panicked and left him a note explaining that she couldn't marry him and that she'd gone home. While she was back in Santa Barbara, she bumped into her old friend, Isobel. She was working in her mother's clothing boutique and asked if she could tag along with Willow. Two months ater, they set off to travel Asia. They made their way around China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, but when they got to India, Willow instantly felt at home. When Isobel went home, Willow decided to stay. She lived in India for six months, but returned to Santa Barbara when her great aunt fell ill. While in the US, she took digital photography evening classes. With Caden's help, she set up her own website so she could sell her photos. A year later, she moved back to India where she opened her own gallery. Six months later, she left her friend, Priya, to run the gallery while she travelled Austraila. When she returned to India, she met Dhiren. Three months later, at the age of 25, she discovered she was pregnant. Dhiren left as soon as he found out, so Willow moved back home to give birth to Rani Sophia. She opened another gallery in Santa Barbara which she ran up until she was 28 and Rani was two, when she moved back to India with Rani. A year later, she met Sudhit. They met three weeks before his marriage to another woman, but he fell in love with Willow and they ran away together to New Dehli. When Willow was 30, she gave birth to Navita Faith. When Navita was three months old, Willow sold her two galleries and opened one in New Dehli. Two years later, she gave birth to twin boys, Kirin Sudhit and Kavi Christopher. Willow is now 34. Her gallery attracted the attention of the editor of a British photography magazine who featured it in the magazine. The gallery has grown to be quite successful. After years of travelling and changes, Willow has settled down to be a stable, caring mother to Rani (9), Navita (4), and Kirin and Kavi (2).

    Jamie's story - Jamie was the first to actually finish college. She majored in English and graduated top of her class when she was 21. She landed her first teaching job at 22. The first few weeks were a nightmare, but she soon started to enjoy it. A year and a half later, a girl called Seraphina joined her class. Seraphina had been in foster care since the age of four and had never stayed with a family for more than six months. She was behind in all her classes and Jamie offered to give her extra tuition for free. Seraphina was reluctant, but eventually agreed. Seraphina started to make progress in class and developed a strong bond with Jamie. Jamie applied to foster Seraphina and by the next year, things were official! When she was 27, Jamie started dating a dentist named Forrest. Six months later, he proposed and six months after that they were married and pregnant! When she was 29, Jamie gave birth to twin boys! She called them Spencer August and Barney Edward. Jamie is now 31. She is still married to Forrest and still teaching. They now live in Nashville, Tennessee (Forrest's hometown) with Spencer and Barney who are now two. Seraphina is 20 and lives in London with her boyfriend. She still keeps in touch with Jamie and visits twice a year.

    Nathan's story - Nathan majored in Sociology and planned to become a Sociology teacher, but after graduating decided he wanted to become a journalist. At 21, he landed a job writing obituaries. During his first month at work, he met Amelia. She was the editor's secretary but was just trying to earn enough money to go to art college. Nathan told her about the evening classes that Lucas ran. Amelia started attending them and invited Nathan to dinner to thank him. They started dating and five months later, Nathan moved in with her. Amelia had made it clear from the start that she didn't want to get married, but she did want a family. A year later she gave birth to Asha Evie-Lynn. Two years later, she gave birth to Oakley Harris & Rohan Hugo. Nathan is now 26and has his own column. Amelia is a stay-at-home mum to Asha (3), Oakley and Rohan (1).
    Just a teenage girl who's been obsessed with names since the age of 5...

    Current favourite girl names: Willow, Lily, India, Ava & Jamie

    Current favourite boy names: Caden, Lucas, James, Cole & Nathan

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