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    Cool Main Character All Named....How I/We Do??

    I'm almost finished the primary and the important secondary characters in this huge series I'm working on. Its fiction set in the future. There are humans, vampires, warewolves, and other creatures. I'll go through the characters and what I'm not sure about. Please mention if you’re not feeling a certain name and why. Thanks. Sorry if this might be a little long.

    *Note: The operatives are sort of what the Death Dealers are in the Underworld movies.

    Main Characters

    Carly Roark: (Human Operative) Canadian. 20-25 years old. 5'10" tall athletic build. Long straight blonde hair with cornflower blue eyes. Extrovert, Hopeful, Opinionated, Emotional, Determined, Compassionate, Loyal. She fits in and is beautiful whether she is dressed in a ball gown or walking amoungst the homeless covered in blood.

    Vivian Crawford: (Vampire Queen) European. 1000+ years old turned in her late 20's/early30's. 5’8” tall petite build. Medium length chestnut brown hair with smokey brown eyes. Introvert, Articulate, Manipulative, Pleasant, Ruthless, Prim, Reserved, Rich, Smart. She is ruthless but will do so with a smile on her face.

    Gabriel Sinclair: (Immortal Human Operative) Canadian. 300+ years old has not aged since he turned 30. 6'0" tall with a muscular build. Shoulder length wavy auburn hair with intense green eyes. Introvert, Athletic, Brave, Calm, Careful, Ruthless, Complex, Handsome, Leader, Organized. Will go hours without speaking but when he does speak he has everyone's attention.

    Tristan Sinclair: (Vampire Operative) Canadian. 300+ years old turned in late 20's. Gabriel's younger brother. 6'0" tall with athletic build. Short black messy hair with ocean blue eyes and facial hair. Extrovert, Arrogant, Bold, Defiant, Funny, Gorgeous, Impulsive, Ruthless, Sarcastic, Stubborn. Drinks blood and alcohol like a fish and is strong beyond his 300 years.

    Seth O'Donnell: (Resident Genius Human) American. 20 years old. 5’7” with medium build. Dark brown short hair with squinty innocent brown eyes, glasses. Introvert, Annoying, Awkward, Grouchy, Knowledgeable, Unique. Smart beyond his years but is very secretative about his past because he doesn't remember it.

    RaymondRayValentine: (Weapons Expert Warewolf) French/Canadian/American. 60 years old. 5’9” tall. Thin build. Grey hair with brown/black eyes. Extrovert, Eager, Expert, Generous, Loyal, Wise, Helpful, Stable, Witty, Womanizer, Flirt, Charming. Is just your average every day grandfather type.

    Eric Quinn: (Leader Human) American. 50 years old. 6’2” tall with average build. Brown hair/grey highlights, with iceberg blue eyes. Introvert, Ruthless, Judgemental, Leader, Emotional, Tough, Cautious. People usually love to hate him.

    Important Secondary Characters

    Dr. Natalie Brethour: (Doctor) Canadian. 30 years old. 5’5” tall with a petite frame. Brown long wavy hair with warm friendly brown eyes. Extrovert, Gentle, Demanding, Inventive, Proud, Outgoing. Her bedside manner often outshines her beauty.

    Dt. Alonzo West: (Detective) American/Canadian. 35 years old. 5’11 with a muscular build. Dark brown/black shoulder length wavy hair with dark chocolate brown eyes, Extrovert, Aggressive, Dreamer, Fun-loving, Messy, Popular. Loves women and fast cars, anything with a hint of danger.

    Justine Hagan: (Vampire Operative) Canadian. 100+ years old turned in her mid 20’s. 5’6” tall with a curvy build. Waist length black straight hair with electric blue eyes. Extrovert, Bossy, Careless, Fighter, Mischievous, Radical, Tricky, Wild. Pretty much does whatever she wants whenever she wants and pays the price for it.

    AlexanderAlexQuinn: (Vampire) American. 29 years old (vampire for less than a year). Eric’s estranged son. 6’4” tall with a slim build. Light brown short hair with one blue eye/one brown. Curious, Determined, Disgruntle, Frustrated, Naïve, Lonely, Suicidal. Quiet, Sad.

    Simone Bennett: (Witch) European. 21 years old. 5’2 with a small frame. Silver short hair with exotic brown eyes. Introvert/Extrovert, Complex, Creative, Dangerous, Happy, Independent, Loyal, Tireless, Unique, Lonely, Willing. Very child-like sometimes as she’s been held in captivity for many years.

    FrancesFrankieRowlands: (Human/Chameleon). Canadian. 26 years old. 5’6” tall with a small frame. Light brown curl hair with brown eyes. Extrovert. Down to earth looking, nice smile, big heart. She is a great listener, she doesn't judge. She is way too chatty and is a little self-centered. She listens for hours but when she offers advice it is layered with one of her many life experiences. She'll try anything once. Gets bored fast. She works with her 3 brother's in the family owned bike shop.

    There you go.

    Carly Roark....I'm not sure about the last name. I was thinking Roberts instead. Any other suggestions?

    I am also not sure about the brothers Tristan and Gabriel. They have been a nightmare to name. I'm wondering if I should go with something more common around the 1900's, but at the same time I want them to be unique. Thoughts on them would be helpful too.
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    I actually quite like Carly Roark, more so than Carly Roberts. It adds a little bit more...spunk? If thats the right word.

    I'm not a fan of the names Tristan and Gabriel. I don't mean to add more doubt as I understand your predicament, and went through the same phase with the novel I'm writing at the moment. So...

    I quite like Everett instead of Tristan, but it might be a bit too soft for the character. You could always look at puritan/colonial names like Boaz, Asa, Gamaliel, Nathaniel, Silas, Lemuel, Alden and Elias. I think nameberry has a list of them.

    Gamaliel sounds a bit mysterious out of those names and Lemuel, Asa could be arrogant and Boaz a bit macho.

    I hope that helps!
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    @sunshine kid...thanks for responding. I'm not sure what is off with the 2 brothers, but It's been a nightmare naming them. I can't settle on a last name. I love the name Gabriel and it suits both characters. The meaning of Tristan fit the vampire brother.

    Of the names you suggested, Boaz is interesting. I don't want to go too out there (for lack of a better word) as I don't want readers to get tongue-tied. LOL. Everett isn't too bad. I'm not sure I want another 'E' name though.

    Do any of these work? I'd be willing to change the surname too.

    Clyde this one

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    Out of all of those I really like Marcus for one of the brothers. I love its ancient vibe that can transition so well into the modern world and it means warlike-would that work?

    Actually I have had another rethink about the name Gabriel, and I think it would work well with the setting. I think its just Tristan that bothers me, I haven't seen the appeal. But I quite like Marcus and Gabriel together, perhaps switch them around? Marcus can be the human operative and Gabriel the vampire?

    I like the surname Sinclair, should be fine. =]
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    I honestly probably wouldn't read a book with a main character named Carly.

    I do like Vivian and it's meaning.
    I also like Ray Valentine.

    I'm not fond of the names Gabriel or Tristan but I like Sinclair. I like Luther and Ruben. Jasper? Cyrus? Gideon?

    I like all of the surnames you've picked except for Brethour.

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