Baby Name Popularity and Trends

Baby names move in and out of style. These lists collect baby names that have been popular over time, highlight current baby name trends, and predict which baby names will rise in the future.

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  • Classic "E" names to be used today

  • Baby # Gender: Siblings: Clara Israel Rose, Wendeline "Wendy/Winnie" Eleanor Anne, Agnes Tamara Grace, Juniper "June" Laura Belle

  • As a firm believer in the inherent genderlessness of names, I appreciate the "traditionally masculine names for girls" trend. This got me thinking about using traditionally feminine names for guys. Here is a list of possible ideas for both sides, including names with a history of being used for the "opposite" gender, neutral names that are more strongly associated with one gender, or names that I just think could work. Some of these can be found in old Top 1000 lists!

  • For our next blessing.

  • Boy names

  • "A" names for girls

    My favorite names that begin with the letter "A".

  • "A" names with Unique Spellings

    These are a few of my favorite A names, with my own little spin on spelling to make common names a little bit different.

  • "Freaks and Geeks" Names

    These are names that were mentioned and/or used in the TV show, "Freaks and Geeks". I'm pretty sure I've covered all the characters except for "Stroker"...but I do not recommend naming your child that. I also didn't include teachers whose last names were only known, and their surnames weren't suited for a first name (i.e. Miss Foote)

  • "L" Names

    names that start with the letter "l"

  • "M" Names

    names that start with the letter "m"