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My Son and My husband and me

I am making this list to share about my little family. My husband is named Justin Brantley Thomas and was named after his mother's maiden name, Brantley, and his grandparents last name. So we named our son, Brantley Jackson Thomas. Jackson is my grandad's name. We chose his name, Brantley, when we first started dating in 2003 and use it either for a boy or a girl. My name is Chasity Amber Wood Thomas. My first name is unique and hardly anyone that I know has my name. - Created by chasnjb07

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  • Brantley Jackson

    Brant, Brant-Brant, B-Man; I absolutely love his name!!

  • Chasity Amber

    my name. :)

  • Justin Brantley

    J.B.; I absolutely love his name as well. Almost comtiplated naming our son a junior after him.

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