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These are names that I think are usable for me to use for my future children. Keep in mind that I am a teenager and am not planning on having kids in the near future or using these names any time soon, and it is subject to change. nn= nickname. MN= Middle Name Only. My first names options are in order of current preference. Middle names are in alphabetical order. - Created by HarderToBreathe

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  • Dimitri

    nn Mitri

  • Augustus

    I know it is pretty grand, but with the nn Gus, it isn't as daunting

  • Jude

  • Gregory

    nn Greg

  • Tobias

    nn Toby

  • Leo

  • Samuel

    nn Sammy

  • James

    Honoring my Dad, nn Jem, Jemmy, or Jay

  • Jason

    nn Jay or maybe Jace

  • Orion

    nn Oreo

  • Charles

    nn Charlie

  • Jordan

    Possible pet name Jory

  • Walter

    nn Walt

  • Asher

    nn Ash

  • Felix

    nn Flick

  • Silas

    nn Si

  • Nico

    We have lots of Nic-'s in my family, so I'd be honoring tons of people with one name

  • Benjamin

    nn Ben

  • Luke

  • Cassius

    nn Cass

  • Joshua

    nn Josh

  • Jasper

    nn Jaz

  • Aaron

    nn Ares

  • Andrew

  • Perseus

    I know this one is grand and pretty out there, but the Percy Jackson books were the first books I ever loved, and so my love for the character makes me love this name. Love the nn Percy

  • Gideon

  • Demetrius

    nn Demetri

  • Ambrose


  • Constantine

    Related to my name, MN

  • Cole

    Honoring for my Mom's maiden name (Sounds very similar), MN

  • Elias

    Family name, MN

  • Ilias

    Greek Variant of Elias, MN

  • Jameson

    My dad's name is James, so I think it might be a cool middle to honor him. MN

  • Nicholas

    Nicholas is my close cousin's name, and we have several other Nick- named people in our family that it would be nice to honor. MN only

  • Paul

    My grandfather's name, my dad's middle, and would've been mine if I was a boy, MN

  • Peter


  • Reagan

    My grandfather idolized Ronald Reagan, so I think this would be a fun way to honor him. MN

  • Stellan

    Honors my grandmother, Stella, MN

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