Names of The Nereides

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  • Agaue

    A Nereid whose name means "the illustrious."

  • Aktaie

    The Nereid of the "sea-shore."

  • Amphinome

    A Nereid of the sea's bounty, literally "she of the surrounding pasture."

  • Amphithoe

    A Nereid of the sea currents, named "she who moves swiftly around."

  • Amphitrite

    The Nereid Queen of the sea, the "surrounding third," wife of the god Poseidon. Together with her sisters Kymatolege and Kymodoke she possessed the power to still the winds and calm the sea.

  • Autonoe

    A Nereid named "with her own mind."

  • Dexamene

    One of the Nereides, "of the strength of the right hand."

  • Dione

    One of the Nereides, "the divine."

  • Dynamene

    The Nereid of the sea's "power."

  • Erato

    A Nereid named "the lovely."

  • Eudora

    The Nereid of the "fine gifts" or the sea.

  • Eukrante

    The Nereid of "successful" voyages or fishing.

  • Galateia

    The Nereid of "the milky white" sea-foam. She was loved by the Kyklops Polyphemos.

  • Galene

    The Nereid of the "calm" seas.

  • Kallianassa

    One of the Nereides, "the lovely queen."

  • Kalypso

    One of the Nereides, "the concealed one."

  • Kymo

    A Nereid named the "wave" or the "end of waves"

  • Oreithyia

    The Nereid of the "raging" sea.

  • Panopeia

    The Nereid of the sea's "panorama."

  • Psamathe

    The Nereis "goddess of sand."

  • Thaleia

    The Nereid of the "blooming" sea.