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Girl Names Love But Can't Use

Love these names but can't use either because a) they have been used by family and friends b) they are just too popular c) they have personal associations for one of us d) one of us does not like e) goes awfully with last name - Created by Schickler

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  • Delilah

  • Zaidee

    He doesn't like. She likes but thinks people may think it's a made up similar name to popular Sadie.

  • Lucy


  • Pippa


  • Keely

    His ex

  • Penny

    2 within acquaintance group, plus too popular

  • Hannah

    3 within acquaintance group, plus too popular

  • Alice

    She thinks it's too soft/weak

  • Holly

    Horrendous with last name

  • Ruby

    Getting too popular

  • Quinn

    Getting too popular, plus not great with last name

  • Nova

    He does not like

  • Molly

    Getting too popular, maybe too childish for an adult?

  • Violet

    Getting popular plus on BFF's list

  • Pika

    too close to Pippa

  • Madeline

    nn too popular - Maddie, plus middle name of friend's daughter..

  • Isla

    prounced Ai-La, too popular, known of two little girls with this name

  • Willow

    Family friend used, plus a little 'out there'

  • Juliette

    Too popular?

  • Juniper

    Acquaintance used, getting popular?

  • Avery

    Getting too popular

  • Olive

    Too close to uber-popular Olivia plus gaining trendiness on its own

  • Felicity

    Was on our list but realized it's his aunt's name and don't want to name her after that aunt. But nn Auntie Lit was always fun!

  • Willa

    Too close to getting-popular Willow. Plus sounds a bit odd with last name.

  • Libby

    family friend and dog friend have this name..

  • Maisie

    dog name, he doesn't like much

  • Daisy

    Too cutesy for an adult

  • Annika

    Too Danish

  • Augusta

    Too stuffy

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