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Names I Adore (girls)

My favorite girls names. - Created by kbrown16

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  • Laurel

    I really prefer this to Lauren and Laura, and it's not really popular.

  • Eloise

    It's so girly and cute and one of my favorite of the El- names.

  • Beatrice

    It's one of my absolute favorites because of its vintage feel. Plus I think the nickname Bea is adorable.

  • Eleanor

    Another El- favorite. It's beautiful and I think it ages well.

  • Antonia

    I think this is one of the most beautiful names. I like it without nicknames, or as Nia.

  • Alison

    I love this name, but the only problem is I don't really like the nickname Ali.

  • Anya

    It's not a super popular name, which I like, but it is something that people would know how to pronounce. My favorite of the Ann variations.

  • Serena

    A beautiful name.

  • Phoebe

    It's so adorable and vintage!

  • Annabel

    I've gone on and off with this name, but I've decided I really like it. I would probably only use it as a middle name though.

  • Briony

    It's really cute and whimsical and one of my absolute favorites. Maybe I could use Bri as a nickname?

  • Emily

    It's so classic and I really prefer it to Emma. I would probably only use it as a middle name because of it's popularity.

  • Ruth

    I really love it, and I think it's really a nice name. It would have to have a strong middle name though.

  • Audrey

    Simple and classic. And of course it's after Audrey Hepburn.

  • Felicity

    My current favorite. It's so girly and it's not all that popular. Plus, how cute is the nickname Lissie?

  • Amelia

    I've loved this name for so long, but now it's so popular. But I would still use it because of how beautiful it is.

  • Melissa

    I really love this name, it's so beautiful. I'm on the border with the nickname Missy though.

  • Keira

    It's a nice name, and it looks so nice when you write it out.

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