Comprehensive List of Girl Names

The complete list of names being considered for girls - Created by jilliantom

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  • Adair

    Addie; "oak tree ford" or "oak grove"

  • Athena

    "goddess of wisdom"

  • Avalon

    Avie; "island of apples" or "apple tree", from Arthurian legend

  • Aveline

    Elle, Linny; "little nut" or "hazelnut"

  • Camilla

    Camille; "young ceremonial attendant"

  • Caoimhe

    Keevah (pronunciation); "beautiful" or "gentle"

  • Caroline

    *Cair; "free man"

  • Cassia

    Cass; "cinnamon"

  • Cerys


  • Clementine

    Tilly; "merciful" or "gentle"

  • Cora

    Coralie, Coral (small stone); "maiden"

  • Corinne

    Cora; "maiden"

  • Cypress

    "from the island to Cypress"

  • Delaney

    *Lane, Laney; "dark challenger"

  • Edie

    Edith; "prosperous in war" or "rich gift"

  • Elle


  • Ellery

    Elle; "island with elder trees"

  • Ellis


  • Estelle

    *Estella, Stella; "star"

  • Everly

    Eve, Elle; "wild boar in woodland clearing"

  • Fallon


  • Flora


  • Gemma


  • Geneva

    Ginny; Evie; "juniper tree" or "juniper berry"

  • Genevieve

    Ginny; Evie; "woman of the people"

  • Georgia


  • Gwyneth

    Gwen, Gwyn; "blessed" or "happy"

  • Harlow


  • Imogen

    Immy; Ginny; "beloved child"

  • India

    Indy; place name or (in Sanskrit) "body of water"

  • Indigo

    Indy; "purple" or "blue"

  • Iris


  • Isla

    *"scottish island"

  • Juliet


  • Juniper

    Juno, Ginny; "juniper tree"

  • Juno

    "queen of the heavens"

  • Lark


  • Leona

    Lee, Leo; "lion"

  • Marielle

    Mariel; Elle; "star of the sea"

  • Maris

    "of the sea"

  • Niamh

    Neve; "bright"

  • Nola

    "white shoulder"

  • Nora


  • Nova


  • Olive

    Ollie; type of food

  • Opal


  • Paloma

    Pia; Lola; "dove"

  • Poppy

    *"poppy flower"

  • Rhiannon

    Rhi, Rhia; "divine queen"

  • Roisin

    Rho-sheen (pronunciation); Shay; "rose"

  • Saoirse

    Seer-sha (pronunciation) "liberty"

  • Scarlett


  • Seraphine

    Seraphina; "burning ones"

  • Siena

    Sienna; "reddish orange"

  • Sybil


  • Tessa

    Tess; "to gather"

  • Tierney

    "descendant of a lord"

  • Vera

    "faith" or "truth"

  • Violet


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