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  • Aislyn

    meaning: dream

  • Arlen

    meaning: pledge

  • Aubrie

    meaning: noble; bearlike

  • Conner

    meaning: wise

  • Cullen

    meaning: handsome

  • Elke

    meaning: noble; serene

  • Elsa

    meaning: noble

  • Emmett

    meaning: industrious; strong

  • Fern

    meaning: daring; adventurous

  • Finn

    meaning: from the Lapland

  • Fiona

    meaning: white; fair

  • Flynn

    meaning: heir to the redheaded

  • Gannon

    meaning: fair complected

  • Isla

    meaning: island

  • Johanna

    meaning: God's gracious gift

  • Keiran

    meaning: little and dark

  • Lachlan

    meaning: from the lake

  • Lena

    meaning: illistrious

  • Leopold

    "Leo" meaning: brave people

  • Liesel

    meaning: consecrated by God

  • Louisa

    meaning: famous warrior

  • Miles

    meaning: merciful

  • Milo

    meaning: merciful

  • Naia

    meaning: champion

  • Nolan

    meaning: well known

  • Rafferty

    meaning: wealthy

  • Ronan

    meaning: little seal

  • Runa

    meaning: secret; flowing

  • Teaghan

    meaning: attractive

  • Willa

    meaning: determined warrior

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