Mermaid Names

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  • Senara

  • Adella

    Ariels older sister

  • Alana

    Ariels older sister

  • Amatheia

    Greek sea nymph (Nereid), the one who 'rears or nurses' the fish

  • Anahita

    Old Persian form of the name of the Iranian goddess of the waters

  • Anaitis

    Greek version of Anahita

  • Andrina

    Ariels older sister

  • Araxie

    river said to inspire poetic expression

  • Ariel

    The Little Mermaid

  • Arista

    Ariels older sister

  • Attina

    Ariels older sister

  • Aqua

    color of the sea

  • Aquata

    Ariels older sister

  • Asia

    Greek Nereid, daughter of Oceanus & Tethys, wife of the Titan Iapetus & mother of Atlas

  • Asrai

    Aquatic fairy in English Folklore

  • Ava

    A pair of river godesses & god in Igbo

  • Avalon

    The Isle of Avalon, where Melusine lived

  • Azalea

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Beatrice

    mermaid statue in Norfolk. Virginia

  • Brizo

    Greek goddess of sailors

  • Calypso

    Greek Nereid who detained Odysseus

  • Ceto

    Greek goddess of the ocean dangers & sea monsters

  • Coralia

    Mermaid name from 18th century ballet

  • Cleodora

    Daughter of a river god & lover of Poseidon

  • Deema

    Bubble Guppies

  • Delphin

    Leader of the dolphins, Poseidon placed him inthe sky as the constellation Delphinus

  • Diana

    Mermaids (2003)

  • Dione

    Greek Nereid 'the divine'

  • Dominique

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Doris

    Greek Neieid of the 'seas bounty'

  • Esther

    Esther Williams

  • Galene

    Greek Nereid of the 'calm' seas

  • Halia

    Greek Nereid of the 'brine'

  • Iaira

    Greek Nereid

  • Ianassa

    Greek Nereid

  • Ianthe

    Ocean nymph in Greek myth

  • Jewel

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • June

    Mermaids (2003)

  • Lorelei

    German folktale

  • Lola

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Luna

    Connection between the moon and the sea

  • Madison

    Splash (1984)

  • Maira

    Greek Nereid

  • Marina

    from latin Marinus, of the sea

  • Mazu

    water goddess & protector of sailors in Chinese Mythology

  • Meimadeline

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Melite

    Greek Nereid of the 'calm' seas

  • Melody

    Ariel's daughter

  • Memory

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Miranda

    Miranda (1948)

  • Mishell

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Molly

    Bubble Guppies

  • Muirgen

    Irish legend

  • Muirin

    variant of Muirgen

  • Nabia

    Lusitanian goddess of rivers and lakes

  • Nerida

    Greek name meaning mermaid

  • Nerissa

    derived from the Greek word for water

  • Neso

    Greek Nereid of the 'islands'

  • Nimiane

    Lady of the lake in arthurian legend

  • Nix

    Water spirits who usually appear in human form in Norse/Germanic myth

  • Nixie

    water dwelling spirit

  • Ocarina

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Oceane

    prn. oh SEE ahn

  • Ondine

    Ondine, the ballet, the show and the movie

  • Oona

    Bubble Guppies

  • Pearl

    ocean jewel

  • Sabrina

    Comus (John Milton) & celtic river goddess

  • Salacia

    Neptune's Queen

  • Sedna

    Inuit goddess of the sea

  • Sereia

    Poruguese word for Mermaid

  • Sequana

    Goddess of the river Seine in Celtic Mythology

  • Shellina

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Sinann

    Goddess of the river Shannon in Celtic Mythology

  • Sirene

    French word for Mermaid

  • Sirena

    Spanish word for Mermaid

  • Susanoo

    Shinto god of stoms & the sea

  • Sybil

    mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Tethys

    Ancient Greek sea goddess & mother of water nymphs

  • Thaleia

    Greek Nereid of the 'blooming' sea (THALIA)

  • Thessalonike

    Sister of Alexander the great, said to have turned into a mermaid

  • Thetis

    Leader of the Nereids & mother of Achilles

  • Thoe

    Greek Nereid of 'swift' voyage or moving waves

  • Triteia

    Daughter of Triton & companion of Ares

  • Viviane

    Lady of the lake in arthurian legend

  • Venus

    Mermaids (2003)

  • Waverly


  • Asherah

    Semitic roots, meaning 'she who walks in the sea'

  • Daryah

    Persian, sea

  • Kai

    Hawaiian, Sea

  • Maraja

    Esperanto, Made of the sea

  • Maris

    English, of the sea

  • Meltem

    Turkish, Sea Wind

  • Moana

    Maori, wide expanse of water, deep sea

  • Naia

    Basque, Wave, sea foam

  • Nereida

    Spanish, nymphms, sea sprites

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