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  • Forums: Middle Name for Natalie

    I just wanted to add Natalie Aisling to my above list! :-) Pam and Linda recently posted a blog entry featuring Irish names, so perhaps

  • Name: Baby Name Natalie

    Natalie -- a Franco-Russian name -- became Americanized years ago, and now a new generation is reviving Natalie to join former canasta partners Sophie and Belle. Sometimes given to girls born on

  • Forums: first name for Natalie

    Do you have suggestions for a first name, with Natalie as a middle name? Thanks! Natalie is a nice name. What about... Miranda [name

  • Forums: Natalie, nn Ellie? What do you think?

    We are thinking Natalie nn Ellie Howard. Also, looking for a cute and original middle name that sounds good! Any suggestions? I think Natalie

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  • Forums: It's come down to three...

    Natalie Faith Natalie Jane Natalie Claire Which one? 1 Natalie Jane 2 Natalie

  • Forums: Shocked even myself....

    Saw on another thread you like Calypso so I thought I would pop over and say... Natalie Calypso ? Since

  • Forums: Middle names for Natalie

    Natalie Julia Natalie Celeste Natalie Clara Natalie Bridget Natalie [name

  • Forums: Natalie

    Natalie Claire Natalie Faith Natalie Brynn Natalie Brooke Natalie Jane[/name

  • Forums: Combos with first name Natalie, please...

    O.k. Looking for the perfect combo to go with Natalie . Also would love thoughts in general on Natalie . Our girls are;

  • Forums: Twin for Natalie "Tallie"?

    Natalie & Amelia Natalie & Bridget

  • Forums: Middle Name for Natalie

    Guess it depends on how "Irish" you want to go. :) My choices would be: Natalie Keevah (phonetic rendering of Caoimhe) Natalie Siobhan

  • Forums: Shocked even myself....

    Oh, Natalie is gorgeous! It's one of my top favorites! I have loved the name ever since hearing the name for the first time when I was in second grade. I've only

  • Forums: Shocked even myself....

    Natalie Rue is my favorite combination out of the ones listed. I love it!

  • Forums: Shocked even myself....

    What about------- Natalie Lilah Natalie Evelyn

  • Forums: Poll: Natalie or Layla??

    I love Natalie and Ava together.:)

  • Forums: Middle Name Suggestions...

    These are what sprang to ming first: Natalie Rebecca Natalie

  • Forums: Natalie?

    What do you think of the name Natalie ? It is one of the few names hubby and I agree on. How do you think it fits

  • Forums: Shocked even myself....

    Oh, and I also like Natalie Jane , but I didn't include it because it's so short. But I just realized if it's on your list, it must be okay

  • Forums: Do you like Natalie Ellen?

    I'm just interested in what people think of it as it's my name. I like Natalie , but not with Ellen . Be as honest as you like, I don't

  • Name: Baby Name Nadalia

    More unusual than Natalia or Natalie .

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    ALISON, ADA, NATALIE , HANNAH, GRACELYN, Maely, Saraye, Keiralyn

  • Forums: Mix of Traditional & Trendy - Top 2012 Baby Names from Suburban Baltimore Hospital

    It's nice to see the name Natalie in the top 10, Natalie is such a pretty name.

  • Forums: Opinions on Middles! (Natalie & Annika)

    I like Natalie and Annika as a sibset. I like Natalie Jane and

  • Forums: Natalie vs Natalia

    I prefer Natalie in general and also with your other kids names. my niece (16) is Natalie and I also know a 5 year old and 4 year old