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  • Forums: Hezekiah James

    Yes, I like Zeph and Kai. I missed Kai when I was trying to think of good nicknames for Hezekiah! Congrats again.

  • Forums: Ari nn for Azariah?

    So what nn would you use for Azariah? Brothers are Zepheniah nn Zeph and Hezekiah nn Kai. Could Ziah work as a nn for Azariah?

  • Forums: Ari nn Azariah part 2

    ">Azariah ? Brothers are Zepheniah nn Zeph and Hezekiah nn Kai . Or should I go with Zebediah ?

  • Forums: Is Zephyr useable?

    /> Is it useable as a name, honestly? I mainly love the nickname Zeph , which I also think has a useable sound as it is similar to Seth , Geoff ,

  • Forums: Hezekiah James

    wasn't as clear as it was with my first son, Zeph . It's an unusual mistake, normally they get it wrong the other way. I was thrilled with the surprise though! I really love how well the name goes with my

  • Forums: Down To Two Names

    , but I like the flow of Zephaniah Nelson more. Plus, Zeph is so cool! I think

  • Forums: Thoughts on the name Zephyr...

    nn Zephy sounds like Stephie a nn for Stephanie. I actually went to school with a boy we called Zeph , short for Zephyr. But I think it was his mn. It worked quite

  • Forums: Azariah??

    it sounds feminine at all. Maybe try a middle name that has a strong consonant ending like Jack to give it more kick. I, too, went with an unusual OT boys name, Zepheniah (nn Zeph and

  • Forums: Zephaniah as baby brother to Micah and Asher?

    Zeph or Zephan. Well.............Micah and Asher are 5 letter, two syllable names. Not that the other name has to be a 5 letter, two syllable name, but maybe not as

  • Forums: The cliche plea, help me name my third little bird!!

    are all out! If you can think of any good names that would go with brothers Zeph and Kai I would be MOST grateful!! My no go list is as follows:

  • Forums: How Do You Say It?

    ">Joseph Jo -zeph or Jo -seph I say it more like or-ee-ah-na Michaela Mih-kay-lah or

  • Forums: A sister for Zeph..

    abandon all hope? Agnes is out. I love Indiana and Shoshanna but it would be a hard sell for my husband.. My son's name is Zepheniah Jack, whose nn is Zeph

  • Forums: Only 3 weeks to!

    /> Echo -as a mn, it would be okay, but as a fn, it sounds like he is supposed to be a repeat of his brother or something like that. Zeph -this seems like a nn to me but

  • Forums: Only 3 weeks to!

    Niteowl13, I prefer Zephyr to Zeph too but dh liked Zeph . I didn't like what I found for Zeph in the urban dictionary, not sure how credible but this one may be off the list just in case. Thanks for

  • Forums: How Do You Say It?

    href="/babyname/Jo">Jo -zeph or Jo -seph Jo -seph

  • Forums: Twin name to go with Zephyr

    and Xanthe Zephyr and Paloma I would NOT use Zephyr for a girl. Are you pronouncing it Zeph -er or Zeph -eer? Have you conisider using

  • Forums: Only 3 weeks to!

    href="/babyname/Xander">Xander ?Zeph is my pick, but it should be short for Zephyr . Or if you prefer something short and strong: Zev

  • Forums: Brother Names with Different Styles

    Zeph , Silas , and River works it just seems odd with Joseph in my opinion. I think of the three names

  • Forums: Sibling for Reuben and Gideon

    ]Zeb or Zeph are great nicknames too. I think you have to like a name in all it's forms as you can't control what it will get shortened to in the playground! Not that I am totally partial

  • Forums: Is Jemima too much?

    namedont really subject her to that do you? It IS time, and I must say that Jemima sounds wonderful with Zepheniah (nn Zeph ). I think Jemima is beautiful, biblical

  • Forums: one-syllable

    ="/babyname/Max">Max Jude Lake Zeph Beau

  • Forums: Zephyr to honor a Stephen?

    biblical names with ancient roots. I think Zeph is a sweet nickname for a little boy, too. And FWIW-- I completely understand your resistance to give your son 100% paternal-side names. His genes

  • Forums: If you had ten children..?

    /> " Bram , Arthur , Elias , Violet , Tempy, Zeph , Persy,

  • Forums: Thoughts on Zephyrine

    , Zeph , Zephy, Effie , Zeen, Reen, Rena , Phina, Zina ... I

  • Forums: If you had ten children..?

    /> " Bram , Arthur , Elias , Violet , Tempy, Zeph , Persy,

  • Forums: Hawthorn or Zephyr?

    has real grounding as a name without being too different. I think that it has a masculine feel to it with the nn Zeph or Phyr (pronounced FIRE at a stretch) X

  • Forums: Boys name list ripped to shreds by DH-Feel like im startibg from scratch! Need help!!

    > would be a great first name. I went to school with a Zephyr (now in his thirties). He went by Zeph .Gaelic names I llike for boys:

  • Forums: Due in a week! We just can't decide!

    be my second choice. To me, Zephaniah has too similar of a sound quality to Persephone (the Zeph and seph being such prominent

  • Forums: 2. Towers

    ), Tacio (he who is quiet), Von , Lance , Vander Character 3 -- Zeph is

  • Forums: Ways to Mily (conundrums of a nickname)

    /> Wdyt? Can I use it? I have to have Berry approval on this one. Brothers are Zeph (Zepheniah) and Kai (