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  • Forums: Help! Eviana...

    It would probably be more like Eh-vi-ah-na, not eee- vee -ah-na though! And the nickname would be more Eh- vee I am terrible at the phonetics, sorry. Does that help at all?

  • Name: Baby Name Javiera

    Javiera, pronounced ha- vee -AIR-a, is not as well used as twin brother JAVIER, but makes an attractive Latina choice.

  • Forums: Xavier.

    It's Zay- vee -er. I love it, but would only put it in the middle spot so I wouldn't have to listen to everyone pronouncing it wrong.

  • Forums: New name discovery! Pronouncing this please

    My first thought was SAH- VEE -YAH, but I looked up multiple pronunciations for it and they all sounded closer to SAH-VIH-LAH. I'm not sure which one is correct, but like you said, I love the nn "

  • Forums: How would you pronounce this name?

    Velia ...Is it VEE -lee-uh or VEL-ee-uh? Or something entirely different? Vee -lee-uh, kind of like how I say

  • Forums: Made Up but I love it

    -a. I'd say ZOH- vee at first. Seems to me like a combination of Zoe and Evie as well. I like the look of it.

  • Forums: Thoughts about the name Avia.

    a bad thing. All in all, a sweetly simple, quite lovely name. would it be pronounced like ay- vee -uh or ah- vee -uh? There was a little girl in one of my classes named

  • Name: Baby Name Violette

    syllable and three syllables -- vee -oh-let -- as well as the operatic Italian Violetta.

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  • Name: Baby Name Evrim

    The Turkish girls' name Evrim is virtually unknown in the English-speaking world, but can translate easily....and be shortened to the familiar Evie (with a short initial e as in eh- vee ) if you want

  • Forums: New name discovery! Pronouncing this please

    it based on the person's heritage....if I knew the person was of Hispanic descent I'd say Sa- Vee -yuh. sah- VEE -ya. My first thought was suh- VEE -luh... I'd go with Sa- VEE -ya

  • Forums: Nevaeh

    I say Na-vay-ah but I know someone who spells it Neveah and pronounces it Ne- vee -ah. I've even heard Nay-vah. I agree that phonetically it should

  • Forums: Evie?

    My daughter's Evelyn , nn Evie (EE- VEE ). I think you're going to get a lot of people saying, "Oh

  • Name: Baby Name Genevieve

    Attila the Hun through her rathional thinking, courage and prayer. Genevieve is both dainty and substantial, and can be pronounced either GEN-uh-veev or the French zhahn- vee -EV.

  • User List: Names for Punklings

    , Jello, Jett, Krona, Lizza, Messy, Mongrelle, Poly, Raz, Rebel, Ria, Sham, Siggie, Sinner, Stza, Topper, Vee , X, Zim

  • Forums: Viveca Eulalie - thoughts?

    /> @axps123 : Quirky is good in my book so I'm happy you find it to be so. Vee is cute for a nn! It sounds really cheerful and sweet. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments

  • Forums: Xavier.

    savior) • Igg-zay- vee -err Is it weird that I can not pronounce Xavier the way it should be pronounced? Its one name I can not pronounce

  • Forums: Violetta

    I am really liking this name, but I'm a little curious when it comes to the correct pronunciation of this name. Is it suppose to be vee -oh-let-uh or vie-oh-let-uh? Or are they both correct it just

  • Forums: Cute nicknames for Viola and Agatha

    /smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> Ollie , Vivi ( Vee -vee ),

  • Forums: Avila?

    Ávila is either (in Spanish) or (in Portuguese). The name is pretty but to me

  • Forums: Viola

    ! Just curious for middle name suggestions for Viola . Also, do you guys tend to say Vee -ola

  • Forums: I chose the nn Evy verses Evie, but now I'm second guessing myself! Why do I do this!

    people pronounce Evie 'ee- vee ' and I desperately didn't want her to deal with mispronunciation issues, so we went with Evy

  • Forums: Pronunciation of Viviane?

    I say " Viv -vee -ann" I actually knew a girl named Viviane ; she used to pronounce it "viv

  • Forums: Thoughts about the name Avia.

    " /> would it be pronounced like ay- vee -uh or ah- vee -uh? There was a little girl in one of my classes named Aviana (ah- vee -ah-na

  • Forums: Vivian or Vivienne?

    ="/babyname/Vivienne">Vivienne is more so vih- vee -EHN, but Vivian is vih- vee -UHN. It's such a tiny difference. Have you considered

  • Forums: Full name for nn Dev?

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Davida">Davida both work. Both are with a long "ee" sound for the i, dah- VEE -da and dah- VEE -na. Devereaux

  • Forums: The last baby girl you met was named...

    Chloe Kathleen Paivi Elizabeth Paivi is said Py- vee and is Finnish A newborn

  • Forums: Minnie Violet or Minnie Violette/Violetta?

    ="/babyname/Violette">Violette ( Vee -oh-let) and Violetta as well. Minnie is normally one of the names I have

  • Name: Baby Name Xavier

    that the initial 'x' does have a distinct appeal, the correct pronunciation has it beginning with a 'z' sound. The Spanish classic Javier, pronounced HAH- vee -ay, has come into greater prominence via Oscar

  • Forums: Totally, Kinda, or NO WAY?

    Totally. But it's much too popular now Avienne? (Ay- vee -en) NO way.