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  • Forums: How would you pronounce...

    x-ay- vee -er also from new england. X-ay- vee -er Alabama and Florida I'm from So. Cali - I would say ex-ay- vee -er unless i heard him called

  • Forums: How do YOU pronounce Viola? (more)

    VEE -o-la? VIE-o-la? vee -O-la? vie-O-la? And does it say flower, musical instrument, or Shakespearean character to you? Thanks.

  • Forums: Which Pronunciation?

    Ee- vee is the only way I have heard it pronounced! Much prettier sounding than eh- vee I've never heard it pronounced EE- vee . I would pronounce it EV-ee. (Ev like

  • Forums: How would you pronounce...

    X-ay- Vee -er new england I would say ZAY- vee -er ... & New York City I say both zay- vee -er and ex-zay- vee -er. Zay- vee -er. All over the place (New [name

  • Forums: How do you pronounce....

    How do you pronounce Evie? I would personally pronouce it Ee- vee , but as a nn for Evelyn I could see using Eh- vee pronounciation I knew an

  • Name: Baby Name Javiera

    Javiera, pronounced ha- vee -AIR-a, is not as well used as twin brother JAVIER, but makes an attractive Latina choice.

  • Forums: pronunciation of Aviana

    I would like it pronounced Ah -vee -ah-na. Is that how you would say it? yes that is how i would say it I say it Ay- vee -ah-nuh I say it

  • Forums: Pronunciation of..

    Zay-viehr is my choice pronunciation, though I hear both pronunciations about equally. For reference, I've never known or heard of a Xavier .Ex-ay- vee -errr

  • Forums: Vionnet?

    I love how Vionnet sounds! But you will forever be getting vee -oh-net or vy-oh-net, and when pronounced like that it sounds like something terrible's

  • Forums: Which Pronunciation?

    >, eh- vee or ee- vee ? Thanks! I have always pronounced it as EE VEe ee- vee

  • Forums: How would you pronounce...

    X-ay- Vee -er new england I'm from New England and I also say it the exact same way. How do you pronounce... Xavier[/name

  • Forums: Pronunciation of..

    I pronounce it "ZAY- vee -er" but other cultures say it differently. "X" names are usually pronounced like a "z". Zay-viehr is my choice pronunciation, though I

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  • Forums: Pronunciation of Xavier?

    I've only heard it pronounced ex-ay- vee -er. That's how I would pn it first. zay- vee -er. ex-zay- vee -er drives me batty! There is no 'x' and 'z'! The 'x' is only pronounced once

  • Forums: Pronunciation of Xavier?

    /Xavier">Xavier 's who pronounce their names like this - I once got yelled at for pronouncing it with a 'z'! If speaking to an anglophone, I would say zay- vee -uhr though. I pronounce it ex-ay

  • Forums: Poll: How do you say Xavier?

    at the top left. It will be up to you to express how you as his parents want it pronounced. My pronunciation is more like ex-zay- vee -ur Great name, by the way! I

  • Forums: WDYT of the name Avia?

    VEE a, AH vee a, AY vee a, or ay VEE a, but would probably guess ah VEE a or AY vee a (for that matter, I guess you could also make it more like AY vya etc). I guess this would be a

  • Forums: Evie?

    . Thanks for your help! I pronounce it EE VEE and think it's a great nn for Evelyn .I love Evie ! I have

  • Forums: Poll: How do you say Xavier?

    Zay- vee -er I never understood how people got ex-zay- vee -er. Xerox isn't ex-zeer-ox. Xylophone isn't ex-zy-lo-phone. For me the difference in pronunciation is huge and I'd be annoyed if my son

  • Forums: Xavier pronunciation

    would go with Zay- vee -er This name should never be pronounced with the "X". As with most "X" names, the letter "X" is silent. "ZAY- vee -er" is the correct

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Viggo?

    watched an interview with the LOTR actor but it's been such a long time now I can't even remember how he says it! What's the consensus? Viggo Mortenson says his name VEE - go with the

  • Forums: Poll: How do you say Xavier?

    vote because I really don't say it either way. It takes a lot of effort on the part of my tongue to make sure the vee -yur part is distinct! I say it ZAVE-yur. I had no idea the "Z"

  • Forums: Javier?

    How do you pronounce it? In Spanish, I was taught that it was pronounced hah- vee -air but I've seen on here a few times that it's hah- vee -ay. Where

  • Forums: would nicknames Vee and Jay be an issue? :(

    Just don't ever shorten Verity to Vee ! Either go with the whole name, or else, Vera .

  • Forums: Do you like the name Evia?

    I love unique, short, and feminine names. What do you think of the name Evia (eh- VEE -ah)? And what would be a good middle name? I think it's cute. I think it's cute

  • Forums: nn for vivienne?

    do you prefer viv or vivi? is vivi pronounce vee -vee or viv-ee? any middle name suggestions? Last name is one syllable and sounds like ream. With your last name, I prefer

  • Forums: pronunciation help

    like Vee -o-let-ta? I think it is Spanish so I just want to make sure I am saying it right. Vi -o-let-ta. And it's Italian for purple In Italian, it would

  • Forums: Poll! Please pick your favorite

    sort of like ourrr-reh-lee..i know its french but my friend whos considering the name is prn. it with a spanish R roll last name is prn. like vee -uh How do you prn the

  • Forums: Evie prn ehvie !!!!!!!! <3

    I am planning to use Evie (pronounced ee- vee ) as a nickname for my daughter. But I had a great aunt named Evelyn, and also considered Evelyn (nn Evie

  • Forums: Avia VS Aviana

    I have Evia on my list, but it is pronounced eh- vee -uh Avia really isn;t that bad. I do prefer Aviana