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  • User List: Favourite Names

    This list contains my favourite baby names. LEYLAND, RENESMEE, HENDRIX, MOWGLI, AVIANA, OLEA, MAY, LEO, SUNFLOWER , NAYLEIGH

  • Forums: Sunflower..

    I think it really depends on the person. It would take a certain kind of person to pull off Sunflower .Very hippy. Not something I would use, but I would definitely remember her name! There

  • Forums: Sunflower..

    somewhat like nn Sunni , but not the name Sunflower . Probably wouldn't use it for my own child, though! That's one I haven't seen yet, but I think it is cute

  • Forums: If i were a celeb - BOY/GIRL TWINS/THIS OR THAT.

    ]Cove & Petal Clover or Canyon Daze & Sunflower Blue

  • User List: Names I'm Loving

    , ALLEGRA, ANAIS, ANNALISA, BRIAR, CHIARA, DELANEY, DELILAH, DOLORES, HOLLY, ISIS, JEMIMA, LARK, SISTINE, Ludivine, Marianthi, Yocheved, Remedios, Sahela, Maharet, Sunflower , Rosalila, Xochitl

  • Forums: Names for a Beekeeper's Child?

    > Blossom Sunflower Dandelion

  • User List: Botanical Names

    , Chrysantha, Coriander, Xerantha, Sassafras, Sophora, Phlox, Oenothera, Myrica, Alfalfa, Aloe, Poppy, Arnica, Basil, Belladonna, Sarsaparilla, Comfrey, Chicory, Sunflower , Valerian, Forget-me-not, Ginkgo

  • Forums: Middle name for Greta

    I LOVE Greta Sunrise and Greta Sunflower .

  • Forums: Ansara = "Sunflower"?

    of my great-grandma who died 10 years ago and whom I loved very much, so I am going to use it anyway. I have thought about pairing it with Ansara, which means sunflower , then it would be pretty. It

  • Forums: Last minute, emergency naming help needed! RESOLVED

    Two thumbs up for Sunflower !! Lola Sunshine Oooo, Lola Sunflower is pretty! Thank you for suggesting it. We had thought of Moonlily or

  • Forums: Last minute, emergency naming help needed! RESOLVED

    I am so happy you went with Marigold instead of Sunflower . I LOVE flower names... as long as "flower" isn't part of the name. I love Lola Sunflower ! I

  • Forums: Carefree or Plain stupid!?

    href="/babyname/Jasmine">Jasmine Flow just reminds me of period. yuck Sunflower is too stupid, sorry Harmony is okay, but I've known one and she

  • Forums: If I Were A Celeb - This or That- Girls

    ]Flor or Sally Luella Easter Sally Luella Easter or Marie Parthenope Sunflower

  • Forums: Last minute, emergency naming help needed! RESOLVED

    Lola Sunflower , which is definitely original. Also, while I completely understand wanting to avoid the type of comments you got with your second child, will most people know your child's

  • Forums: Throw some hippie combos at me!!

    href="/babyname/Azalea">Azalea Calypso Cosmo Providence Crimson Sunflower

  • Forums: Reverse Color Name Game

    ="/babyname/Scarlet">Scarlet (I'm afraid you had that one coming) Plain, Pristine White Evangeline Sunflower Yellow

  • Forums: What color?

    green Orlando Sunflower yellow Coralie

  • Forums: What color?

    /Phaedra">Phaedra Sunflower yellow Coralie Muddy blue Nora

  • Forums: What color?

    /Phaedra">Phaedra Sunflower yellow Coralie Muddy blue Nora

  • Forums: Botanical names

    and Italian for Sunflower Glade Gladiolus- a flower Gladioli Grove Hadassah- from the myrtle tree Hana Hawthorn- a tree Hazel[/name

  • Forums: Nature themed middles

    I've never heard as names before, what do you think? Gardenia Honeyflower Dandelion Endine Kennedia Sunflower In principle, I should like longer flower names. Somehow, though, they

  • Forums: Flowers and nature girls names

    Pansy Poppy Posey Primrose Sunflower Tansy Tulip Some would be better used as middle names ( Sunflower ?), I think

  • Forums: Rate these from favorite to least favorite

    ]Mimosa, Ambrosia, Sunflower , Lotus, Forsythia, Asphodel, Myrtle, Apple, Goldenrod, Phlox, Columbine Arranged

  • Forums: If I were a celeb - GIRLS TWINS/THIS OR THAT

    ="/babyname/Elvira">Elvira Blueberry & Hattie Sunflower ?Ramona Winslet &

  • Forums: Last minute, emergency naming help needed! RESOLVED

    Sunflower better than Marigold, and doesn't really like the proper French pronunciation of Soleil (although he likes the way it LOOKS). He's "meh" about Clementine[/name

  • Forums: Middle name for Greta

    ="/babyname/Greta">Greta Sunflower the best. Greta Sunflower is defiantly my favorite of the three! So sweet, yet strong sounding too.

  • Forums: Unusual nature names for girls?

    /Daffodil">Daffodil , Blossom , Cricket , Sunflower I've heard Ember being used before. My favorite off

  • Forums: Weird Quiz!

    ="/babyname/Arabella">Arabella Thatcher ( sunflower ) Estelle Vincent

  • Forums: If You Were a "Hippie", You'd Name Your Baby...?

    Fun thread! I'd choose: Coyote Daydream Sunflower Morningstar The same as I would now. Why should being a Hippie change what names you like?

  • Forums: Nameberry Birthdays & Natal Flower Names

    list as your Nameberry Birthday. April 20th = Spring Snowflake. August 24th = Tall Sunflower . ********************************************* Hey, Namefan! I