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  • Name: Baby Name Sinjon

    See ST .

  • Name: Baby Name Sinjin

    The name St . John is much more usable and exotic in its phonetic spelling--similar to the way St . Clair evolved into Sinclair. St . John has some literary cred-- St . John Rivers is a cool character

  • Name: Baby Name St john

    St . JOhn is mainly (but rarely) used by Catholics in England -- there's one in Jane Eyre. This would probably be too cumbersome for most American kids.

  • Name: Baby Name Ruadan

    One of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, St . Ruadan was a follower of St . Finian and founded an abbey in Tipperary. Another version is Ruadhain or Ruadhan, but most modern parents would prefer

  • Name: Baby Name Monica

    This saintly name--she was the mother of St . Augustine-plummed after the double whammy of Lewinsky and the demise of Friends.

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    A lot of places were names after Saints back then, and generally you were known by the name of the place you were from. For instance, if you were from St

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  • Name: Baby Name Enya

    This phonetic Anglicization of the Irish name Eithne was made familiar by the single-named Irish singer and composer. St . Eithne was the daughter of a king and an early Irish convert to Christianity.

  • Name: Baby Name Arnold

    Despite the Governator, this name does not have much muscle. Strange as it may now seem, St . Arnold was a Greek by birth who became a member of the Court of Charlemagne.

  • Name: Baby Name Hilaire

    Hilaire, a name that has rarely been exported out of its native France, was originally bestowed in honor of the fourth century bishop and theologian St . Hilaire of Poitiers.

  • Name: Baby Name Sosthenes

    The name of two Biblical figures, one a supporter of St . Paul and the other a Corinthian ruler. Virtually unknown in the U.S. but used in the form Sosthene in modern France.

  • Name: Baby Name Usain

    There will probably be lots of little namesakes after the fastest man in the world, Jamaican Olympic runner Usain Bolt--middle name St . Leo.

  • Name: Baby Name Avila

    A name that may be related to the French Aveline and may also be connected to the Spanish town Avila, birthplace of St . Teresa. An unusual member of the fashionable Ava and Evelyn crowd.

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    Some undecided only weeks away, sex unknown 1 st born named Lucia Peaches BANJO, GINGER, SUMMER, SUKI, Emerson Raj

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  • Name: Baby Name Kateri

    St . Kateri Teckakwitha is the first Native American saint, canonized in 2012. St . Kateri was the daughter of a Mohawk warrior, born in 1656 in upstate New York. She converted to Christianity at age

  • Name: Baby Name Non

    The legendary St . Non was the mother of St . David, the patron saint of Wales. Though violently conceived and born in a raging storm, David was raised in a convent by his mother and went on to become

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  • Name: Baby Name Leocadia

    Leocadia marries a mix of sounds: the strength of a lion, with a rhythmic Latin ending. St . Leocadia was an early martyred Spanish saint, and "La Leocadia" is a famous Goya painting

  • Name: Baby Name Alban

    An ancient and highly unusual name; St . Alban was an early martyr in Roman Britain. Using the alternate spelling, Alben Barkley was the 35th U.S. Vice-President, serving under Harry Truman.

  • Name: Baby Name Finbar

    This is an ancient saints' name well used in Ireland but a rarity here and unlikely to ever reach the popularity of other Finn-ish names. St . Finbarr (the more common spelling) is the patron saint

  • Name: Baby Name Columba

    While the original Irish St . Columba was male, the modern Irish variation Colm or Scottish Callum would be more appropriate for a contemporary boy. We can, however, imagine Columba as a rhythmic

  • Name: Baby Name Corentin

    Corentin is an intriguing saint's name fashionable in France but virtually unknown here-- which you may consider a big plus. St . Corentin possessed a magical fish that regenerated itself each night

  • Name: Baby Name Swithun

    Variously spelled Swithun or Swithin, and associated with St . Swithin's day, July 15th, which is famous as a weather predictor a la Groundhog's Day: supposedly, the weather on his feast day

  • Name: Baby Name Cathay

    A perfect example of what a difference a single letter can make. Add an 'a' to the ho-hum CATHY and you have the exotic old name for China, often used by such poets as Edna St . Vincent Millay