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  • Forums: Solace?

    It's cute. I met a little girl named Harper Solace , which is now a huge guilty pleasure of mine...don't think I could ever use it!

  • Forums: Opinions on Solace

    Solace is one of my favourite word names. There was a much-loved politician here in my city who died shortly before his daughter was to give birth to his grandchild. She called her little girl Solace

  • Forums: First name for middle name "Plum"

    Sadie Plum Solace

  • Forums: Adverbial Names - Silly and Usable

    Actually, my friend named one of her vampire characters Solace with the surname Nevermore, come to think of it.

  • Forums: Solace?

    is far less appealing. I love Solace , but it's a bit too pagan for me. Solana is absolutely beautiful. I like the feel of it

  • Forums: Looking for fresh inspiration with middle names :)

    ]Maelys Vivienne Majorca Vivienne Prisca Vivienne Portia Vivienne Solace Vivienne Raizel

  • User List: Virtue Names Off the Beaten Track


  • Forums: What singular name do you love the most right now at this very moment?

    favourites are George and Helen, but currently I'm fascinated by virtue names: Comfort (m), Constant (f), Wrestling (m), and Solace .[name

  • Forums: Unusual Names - Girls -This or That

    ? Raphaella or Talvi? Cloud or Solace ?Damaris or Zezili? Aurora or

  • Forums: Enchanting names?

    ="/babyname/Alice">Alice & Kay ) Linny Solace

  • Forums: Imogen crisis!

    .. I'm just second-guessing Imogen Solace . I told my best friend my names yesterday, and she thought Solace was sort of "random." I love the way it sounds

  • Forums: Twins + First-time Parents = Naming Emergency

    I agree Sallis for a boy and Solace for a girl (brilliant!!) I'd go for Wright and Sallis for boys Solace and Temperance for girls Solace and Wright for G/B

  • Forums: Imogen crisis!

    ">Bluebell . rollo Imogen Solace has an nice flow, so I think you should use it if you love it. Two others came to mind when reading your post:

  • Forums: Imogen crisis!

    : Imogen Dear Imogen Acacia With Imogen Solace

  • Forums: combos and sibsets experimentation - girls

    ">Mabel Blythe Evangeline Solace Eleanor

  • Forums: Any you'd use IRL?

    Solace is so beautiful. I'm glad you might use it! Angel , I did indeed start reading your novel but I'm suffering from pregnancy brain so it doesn't get

  • Forums: Sibset face-off

    for the first sibset. I like Solace -- it's a wonderful word-name that I've never seen actually used, but what a breathtaking meaning. And it's not so everyday as to drag the name down

  • Forums: Choose Your Favorite -- Viviana

    ="/babyname/Iris">Iris Lenore Thomas Viviana Solace

  • Forums: Earth Elements - Baby Number 4

    ) Solstice Pearl Vesta Pearl Thank you for your kind replies. I love Solace , Solenne, and Sunniva! All are names to ponder. Since this will probably

  • Forums: Twins + First-time Parents = Naming Emergency

    choose the name of a literary figure over the generic Story. I would go for a virtue name like Solace in the mn spot, and the temper in Temperance is a lot of name for a child to handle, I think Hope and

  • Forums: Sibset face-off

    ="inlineimg" /> I think I prefer the first set because Imogen Solace is perfection, plus I love the contrast between amazingly refreshing, spritely Mab

  • Forums: Virtue Names

    Solace is pretty on paper, but it sort of sounds like the word "soulless" aloud. In my opinion at least. Not in my accent, where it begins "saw". I never really thought about this one

  • Forums: battle of the "S" names

    Love Scarlett! also: Stella Solace We "think" we have narrowed down to 2 names for our girl! Will you vote? Sloane or [name

  • Forums: What singular name do you love the most right now at this very moment?

    : Comfort (m), Constant (f), Wrestling (m), and Solace . I actually knew someone named Comfort. It was...odd to say the least. Comfort[/name

  • Forums: Predict the popularity of this name 5 years from now.

    >'s running around, you can take solace in the fact it's a beautiful name! I can see it skyrocketing after the birth of Princess Estelle of Sweden. It's a very sweet but sophisticated name, and

  • User List: Obscure Nature & Word Names for Girls

    , Quartz, quest, Redwood, Rejoice, Remedy, Resolve, Rust, Sand, Seashell, Shark, Shelter, Shine, Shiver, Sing, Solace , Solstice, Song, Stem, Sunset, Swan, Sweet, Swift, Symbol, Tamerix, Taupe, Tenacity

  • Forums: Sibset face-off

    are nice); however, I too have to vote for the first sibset. I like Solace -- it's a wonderful word-name that I've never seen actually used, but what a breathtaking meaning. And it's not so

  • Forums: Girls This or That: Round 2 Eliminations

    Lyric Cora or Nova Astrid or Octavia Anastasia or Aurora Sonnet or Solace Aerowyn or [name

  • Forums: Your favourite names from our girls list so far?

    I really like the idea of a Daphne Solace .I went through our long list with my DH today and we eliminated some names and also added some. (He suggested some

  • Forums: Which would you Choose? Girls First Names

    16) Solace or Waverly 17) Thea or Hermione Please respond even if you don't like the names and please explain why if you have time. Thanks!! Some