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  • User List: Uncommon Feminine Names For Girls


  • Forums: What do you think of Isola?

    beautiful but want to make sure I'm saying it right. EYE- sola EYE-zola I- sola I-zola Thanks guys :) I pronounce it with an EYE sound Anna I just replied to this on your other

  • Forums: Nicknames for Isolde

    ="inlineimg" /> Besides the above, all I could think of was Sola , or perhaps just I (my friend has a brother Ian , and their mom occasionally just calls him I, the first

  • User List: My Favourite Names

    Rose, Serenity Violet, Sienna Rae, Skylar Odele, Sofia Rose, Sola Rose, Sonny Katelyn, Summer Hope, Sydney Lyla, Talia Ocean, Tawni Nicole, Valerie Skylar, Venus Paige, Viola Bridget, Violet Summer

  • Forums: Solstice: Thoughts?

    /> Sol I wouldn't think of hippie, maybe, religious inspired. But I like it, and she could go by sola or sosa. I have a friend named sony and she went by

  • Forums: What about Sally?

    , and call her Rosa, Rosie, or Rose. Or, Sola Rosalind would be very pretty. Solana and Solange are other names I can

  • Forums: Girl name-Saniayah????

    you think of Shania, Cheyenne, Shira, Sola , Shanae, Saraia? Hi! I think that the spelling and pronunciation would

  • Forums: Names to honor Ellen

    ], and Nella. Ellen means "light" or "sun ray," so you could go with a name that means something similar: Soleil, Sola , Cymbeline, Hesper, Kalinda

  • Forums: If you were a celebrity...

    And could get away with it, what would you name your children? I think I'd go off and give them weird, made-up names. Dega, Sola , Nevo, Mika , Cosa, etc. Not

  • Forums: Expecting #4 and need names

    /> lilly vero vita rose frankie plum harry liam hugo hattie brigit sola georgia Boys:

  • Forums: What about Sally?

    , but DH says no way! Sola Rosalind (so lovely, thanks!) - also love Sola Rose (stuck on Rose...) ... and Sally Rose will stay on

  • Forums: Samantha?

    ]" "Marie" "Belle" Marisol Elizabeth "Mari" " Sola " - Better than Maribel! So cute! Mercedes Elizabeth[/name

  • Forums: The Makeover Baby Name Game

    > - Sola Kai - Kyle Theo - Theodore

  • Forums: Quads Names Chosen!

    ]Jana Mira Bell Mari Mary Sola Jane Emma Lucy I would go with Jack, Jude, [name

  • Forums: Character naming - sweet, shy art major

    ] How about Millie? I love Willa to! Posey ran through my head as I was reading your description for your main girl. Sola [name

  • Forums: Help! Name for a Surfer Girl :)

    more suggestions: Solange Isola Isolde Soledad Solstice Sola

  • Forums: Middle name for African-American girl?

    ">Abria Lakoa Yoleine Nava Yoleine Nachet Sola Alaina Zakya

  • Forums: Help - baby due tomorrow!!!

    href="/babyname/Moya">Moya 07. Nery 08. Neva 09. Sola 10. Veta ... a sibset

  • Forums: Two New Kittens

    /> Sola or Solana (sun) and Astrid (star) Zora (dawn) and

  • Forums: Christening in 1 week, no name!!!

    ] - Sari, Sara, Rita (*) Solana Rose - Sola , Lana, Soleil, Sol Valeria

  • Forums: Quads Names Chosen!

    ] Sara Jill Kate Jana Mira Bell Mari Mary Sola Jane Emma Lucy[/name

  • Forums: Popular Names

    nn Lottie best, though!) Sophie alternatives: Sofia, Sola , Sophronia/Sofronia, Saffron, Sapphire, [name

  • Forums: Help! Name for a Surfer Girl :)

    sold on any of the other suggestions...I like Sola but it is only one extra letter! Maybe I would like more suggestions of names similar to Sol and

  • Forums: Help!

    /> Tyndale Theodore (Beza) Philip (Melanchthon) Heinrich (Bullinger) Westminster Friedrich, Ernst (Schleiermacher) Fide, Fidel, Fidelio Albrecht

  • Forums: The Makeover Baby Name Game

    ">Calla - Calliope Laura - Maura Sola - Solange

  • Forums: Two New Kittens

    bigger. A few of my initial pairs are: Willa and Ivy Sola or

  • Forums: The Makeover Baby Name Game

    - Sola Kai - Kyle Theo - Theodore

  • Forums: Names of Sophomores at my School

    Monica Thy Natalie Rene’ Ogunsola Zainabou nn Sola (prn show-la) Quynh-Nhi Doan nn Nhi Rai Symone Rebecca[/name

  • Forums: The Wonderfully Brave Girls - Continued...

    ="/babyname/Circe">Circe for me. I think, however, it's one or the other. Isolde (ee-ZOL-duh) Izzie , Sola

  • Forums: The Wonderfully Brave Girls - Continued...

    ways to shorten it, and nicknames are only under your control for a short while. ETA: If you're looking for alternate nicks, my favorite for Isolde is Sola /Zola. It's more distinctive than