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  • Forums: What names have we missed?

    Yuriko (yoo-ree-koh) Ayako (ah-yah-koh) Ayaka (ah-yah-kah) Shiori (shee-aw-ree) Shizuka (shee-zoo/tzoo?-kah) Yuna (yoo-nah)

  • Blog Post: Japanese Baby Names: Lovely sounds, lovely meanings

    > Miya - Increasing beauty Moriko - Forest +Child Shiori - Weave+

  • Forums: Why is everything feminine to Nameberry?

    of names that are assigned to one gender. Or even Japan! Akira , one of the most recognizable Japanese names, is unisex, as well as Hinata, Shiori , and Minato.

  • Forums: The Traveler's Family

    /female_japanese_names.htm When you get there, you meet your host family, a lovely couple with four daughters, Aika, Keiko , Izumi & Shiori . You blend really well