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  • Name: Baby Name Sheherazade

    The tale-spinning heroine of The Thousand and One Nights , Sheherazade is too extravagantly elaborate a name for a little girl. But it's a shame , as it's lovely and beguiling.

  • Name: Baby Name Darcy

    Though Darcy is the ultimate Jane Austen hero name, it is rarely used for boys today. A shame as it's a handsome, roguish kind of appellation that combines elements of French flair, aristocratic

  • User List: * 1 list of Cool Greek Names*

    These are names that are almost never used, and that is a real shame . ADONIS, ADELPHA, ALETHEA, AMARA, ANASTACIA, AMINTA, APOLLO, ARETHA, ARISTA, ARGO, CALIX, CALYPSO, CASTOR, CLEON, CLIO, CORINNA

  • Forums: Is this name off-limits?

    I've never heard of Kariva the birth control, but I've also never heard of it anywhere else, and it'd be a shame to use it and have the Kariva pill become super popular a few years later, so I

  • User List: Girl names for boys

    You see so many lists the other way round, and I wanted to counter that. I think it's a real shame that it's still taboo to give boys feminine names while girls are given masculine names all the time

  • Name: Baby Name Lincoln

    , which may have had some impact. Lincoln Steffens was an influential muckraking writer, author of The Shame of the Cities . The nickname Linc has a nice sixties 'Mod Squad' feel.

  • Forums: Sunniva!

    in Norway and here it's a common, but not overused name. The only problem I have is that I don't see it aging very well, and also it would be a shame if such a pretty name got mispronounced. I

  • Forums: Parisa?

    WDYT of Parisa ?I really like it, I say it as Pa- REESE -ah. Shame it's too similar to my name for me

  • Forums: Which is your favorite?

    -ending headache, and Hilda would be sure to get clucks of sympathy from people who think it is a shame that such a cute little girl has such a matronly name

  • Forums: Is Quinn too girly?

    for that reason. However, it's a great name and I think it'd be a shame if people stopped using it for boys simply because it's also being used for girls. But at the same time I understand the concern--you don't

  • Forums: Wdyt of...

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Alasdair">Alasdair too). It's a great name, such a shame it's a GP. I like it! I guess it's my style since I like both names on their own, but I don't see how it falls

  • Forums: Helene

    is dated. It is rarely used here today anymore (what a shame , it's a lovely name). Most people I know with that name are over 50. In German it is pronounced

  • Forums: Opinions on this alliterative name?

    decisions. I do love Hadley , it's a shame . Are you open to using your mns as firsts? Olivia Huffer

  • Forums: The weirdest name you have ever personally encountered...

    named Shame .I once knew a girl named Asenata, but compared to other names previous posters wrote, it sounds quite okay. Journii Tripp

  • Forums: What are you reading?

    of the Ring out loud to my baby bump. No shame . I'm going on a

  • Forums: Tobias / Elias.....??

    it would be a shame to dismiss them for potential awkwardness with a mn that will rarely be said together. I love Elias (I'm biased because it's my son's

  • Forums: Sad News on Rollo

    . It's such an incredible shame that we lost such an amazing, kind woman from this Earth and our humble community, but I feel that while she was here she taught

  • Forums: Names you want to love

    is "Carrot when". Shame , I love it on paper, and I want ti love Ceridwen . I'm tired, I will think of more when later. For a girl

  • Forums: First kiss

    virginity to him also, (now THAT I remember like it happened yesterday.) It's been 5 years, but a small part of me still loves the boy, and it's such a shame .

  • Forums: Opinions on Lorelei?

    her baby girl this. Only using a variant spelling. Love the name so much but hubby is not keen... such a shame as it would be so unique especially

  • Forums: Dahlia, Dalia, or other D-names with middle name Eluned

    when their nicknames are decidedly nonfloral (though calling a Dahlia Della seems a shame … not that

  • Forums: Help Deciding On Sister's Name For Asher Benjamin!

    Shame . I think that Asher would have a sister named Ila Leighton

  • Forums: Thoughts on Fabrice?

    similarly; luh-TEESE) which looks way too much like lettuce for actual use. Edit: I just saw this post again and immediately saw 'fab rice'. Such a shame .

  • Forums: Boy name - Bay?

    /> Cove Harbor Haven Kai I like Baylor nn Bay .Shame about your surname, otherwise

  • Forums: Badger

    . But if that were my real name - or ANYONE'S real name - I'd probably just shake my head in shame .I think it depends on a persons individual taste. At first i was like, 'why would anyone name their kid

  • Forums: Zooey?

    and I don't think a boy could ever really pull it off. It's a shame because it's a nice name but I think some people will tie it to the girl name and also think it's a misspelling. Not a big fan

  • Forums: Hamish in the U.S.?

    further down. I don't like the look or sound as much. I have trouble getting past " shame us" (sounds like I'm asking for trouble). As a matter of fact, I have

  • Forums: Naomi

    ="/babyname/Naomi">Naomi , who were horrible to me. Its a shame , cause it is a nice name. As for middles, I really like pp's suggestion of Naomi

  • Forums: Katrina

    popular. Oh! I love Katrina and this it is a shame that the name has been ruined for most people. I live in

  • Forums: Are there any other Anahi lovers out there?

    see me with a little Emmeline, but I just seem to commit to Emmeline easier. I do sort of like Emmeline Anahi Poppy, though. I'm not sure about Anahi as a middle? It just seems to be a shame to stuff