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  • Forums: Favourite names relating to the Sea?

    Yeahh i know!! bloody night club!! dont stop the 'like' factor!! lol.. Shame eh.. xx

  • Name: Baby Name Sheherazade

    The tale-spinning heroine of The Thousand and One Nights, Sheherazade is too extravagantly elaborate a name for a little girl. But it's a shame , as it's lovely and beguiling.

  • Forums: Manon

    It's a shame , isn't it? I love so many french names, but I just know that some of them won't work in anglophone countries without lots of patient explanation on my part! [QUOTE=garnet

  • Forums: Which name?

    ] which is a shame as it is a nice name. Elijah is nms I like Elijah the best

  • Name: Baby Name Lincoln

    has Lincoln for middle name. Lincoln Steffens was an influential muckraking writer, author of The Shame of the Cities. The nickname Linc has a nice sixties 'Mod Squad' feel.

  • Forums: Moms Friends...

    What a shame they didn't give Charley the name Charlotte or the first name Caroline. I think MacKenzie should only be used for boys it is such a

  • Forums: Rosalie? Rosalind?

    I like Rosalind better than Rosalie, but of all the Rose names, I like Rosaline and Rose best. I think it's a shame that

  • Forums: Middle name for Leo

    It's a shame you can't use Leo Alexander , it's gorgeous. Leo

  • Forums: Ellie May....

    loss That's such a shame , sorry for their loss. i thought it was fitting to still have a birth announcement for her. I'm so sorry That's so sad...I hope they will have

  • Forums: Do these names rhyme to much?

    ], is that too rhymie or annoying?? Yes, but Rowena would work with Cohen. I'm sorry, but yes, absolutely too much! It's a shame - I like them both, too! I'd

  • Forums: Seamus

    " Shame us". I love it and i would say about 80% of people would pronounce it correctly. Since it's a Harry Potter name, more people will have been

  • Forums: Having second thoughts

    DH and I want to use Seamus for a boy. However, I'm having second thoughts. I recently read where someone thinks of " shame us" when they hear the name which seems like something you

  • Forums: Benjamin?

    favourite boys names from the Bible. It's great as first name (Benjamin Thomas) or a middle name (Eli Benjamin). It's a shame that everyone shortens it to

  • Forums: Favorite Words?

    chartreuse spatula stellar cellar Oh, Irisrose, I love voluminous too ( I think it's the long "u" sound and the way if flows off the tongue). Melancholy is a lovely word as well but it's a shame about

  • Forums: Middle name for Madeline

    Madeline Josephine is a bit of a mouthful which is a shame as I love both names, have you considered just using Madeline Jo, I think this could

  • Forums: Jack??

    originally a nickname for. My great grandfather was a John who went by Jack, and if it wasn't so popular in England I would definitely use it. It's a shame

  • Forums: Brace yourselves...Ollabelle!

    />Absolutely gorgeous - but way too cute! Maybe as a middle name? It's a shame you can't use it! I may even steal it for my guilty pleasure list! Johnnybelle... hmm. I don't even know what to say! My

  • Forums: My Favorite Names: Final Four! Emma Kate is cute but there are a million Emmas. Seriously, it's a shame . Only use this if your prepared for

  • Forums: Need Suggestions!

    100. So any suggestions? TIA !

  • Forums: Husband's Suggestions

    too trendy for my taste right now (the same goes for Ava ), which is a shame because they really are lovely names. And for some reason unknown I have just always felt averse

  • Forums: Falcon?

    , including aeroplane! What do you think of the name? Too fussy? Too birdie? I think its a sweet name, and its just a shame it can't really be shortened..

  • Forums: Geraldine

    my ears, it is one of the ugliest names out there. Which is a shame , since I'd love to honor a beloved Gerald on my family! (I also loathe

  • Forums: Rosamond or Claramond?

    Shame you don't like Raina I like it a lot other wise you may like Lorraine .

  • Forums: Mica....boy or girl?

    >-ah) for a girl! There is a girl I know who has that name and I always think she is so trendy! I love this name for a BOY name- the new trend is to name girls this name is a shame . I feel

  • Forums: What do you think of Seamus?

    ]Caspian? Honestly I dont care for Seamus all that much. Its prn SHAY-mus right? I always hear Shame us when I say it. The Shame part just

  • Forums: If you met a little boy named Seamus

    is my dads name. I also like the word 'Sea' in the spelling. ♥ I have a love of the ocean. I do worry a little about the simularities between the name Seamus and the word Shame [/name

  • Forums: Eleanor??

    gosh, it's such a shame when your favorites don't go with your last name! mine ends in -er, so that ruled out a TON of names! I'd hate to say not to use it, but the only

  • Forums: tryndee spellings?

    existance in general? I peronsally (hangs head in shame ) love the spelling Everleigh while despise Everly. Everly looks like a mispelling of Beverly, and sound svery

  • Forums: Top 5 for a boy

    little clap/hand game I used to play as a kid. I think it's actually " SHAME , SHAME , SHAME , I don't want to go

  • Forums: Stuck between 2

    Shea, and I hear the word " shame ." (It sounds like Shame Ickenna to me, but that may just be me. I thought I'd mention it just in case...) :-) Blaise Campbell