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  • Forums: Pronunciation of Selene

    pronounced it seh -LEEN. Just like you, seh -LEEN. As an English speaker, I pronounce it with two syllables. However, I believe three syllables

  • Forums: Pronunciation of Selene

    To me, Celine is seh -leen and Selene is seh -lee-nee, but I have a bit of an obsession with Greek girls' name

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Marceline?

    I say Mar -seh -leen or mar-che-leen. somewhere between mar-sah-leen and mar- seh - leen. Ive only

  • Forums: This -or- that? Worst name edition :)

    Hitler or Osama Hitler or Abcde (ab- seh -dee) Hitler or Stalin Hitler or Stalin Hitler or Agatha

  • Forums: Need a middle name

    I would really appreciate a middle name for Marcelina .(pronouced mar- seh -lina) I was thinking it should be short because the name is long.

  • Forums: how do you pronounce Sequoia? I pronounce it like "Suh-KOI-uh" or " Seh -KOI-uh"

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Marceline?

    Mar -seh -LEEN, again. Great name. Love Marcie as nn. SO CUTE.

  • Forums: rhymes with silly

    It's about Cecily - pronounced Seh -silly. I'm quite drawn to this name and I have been drawn to this name since I started to love names. But when I

  • Forums: how do you pronounce Sequoia?

    /viewpost-right.png" alt="View Post" /> Seh -koy-ya. Like the tree. Yes, same here. I really have

  • Forums: How to spell the nickname Cece?

    (be aware that in other languages this looks like Che -che or seh -seh , which is why I prefer Ceecee; especially as Cece is very

  • Forums: Double Help

    My name is Marcelina (mar- seh -lina) and for the last 12 years I despised nicknames for myself and never let anyone call me anything else. Now I want to shorten my name to Marcy which is pretty normal

  • Forums: Selah: See-la, Seh-la or Say-la?

    I like Seh -lah/See-lah. I say SAY -lah. My first idea was Selah

  • Forums: Cedric?

    I pronounce it seh -drick. I've heard the see-drick pronunciation before and in fact thought that was the correct one until I came to Nameberry and realized everyone else was saying seh -drick

  • Forums: Selah: See-la, Seh-la or Say-la?

    also my fav. Pronunciation Somewhere between Seh -la and Say -la I believe most Americans would pronounce it

  • Forums: Not exactly name regret but just wondering...

    Seren is pronounced as ' seh -ren' right? Doesn't seem similar to Sarin. I would pick Seren because its more

  • Forums: A Middle Name That Somehow Goes With This Rare Beauty?

    /Marcelina">Marcelina (mar- seh -lina) and it also has nine letters. Everyone says its a lovely name. Look at it.

  • Forums: Post your name creations here!

    ) Cayan ( KAY -an) Cedarus ( SEH -dah-rus) Cleverus EITHER: Sunbright

  • Forums: Selah: See-la, Seh-la or Say-la?

    ="/babyname/Say">Say -lah I have always seen/heard it pronounced Seh - la I've only heard it pronounced Say -luh.

  • Forums: How do I get to nn Deara?

    - seh -ray-ah" (or something similar) which is why I suggested it since I think that Deara works best with that pronunciation. Just a quick

  • User List: Beautiful and Rare Names from the Ellis Island Passenger Records

    Cohen, Kaide Cohen, Lylo Cohen, Matalae Cohen, Oro Cohen, Oster Cohen, Pacel Cohen, Seh Cohen, Teme Cohen, Tohemel Cohen, Enoch Mortimer Ash, Hy Ash, Isidor Ash, Jens Anderson Ash, Windham Ash, Haskell

  • Forums: What is your favorite girl M names?

    " href="/babyname/Madigan">Madigan Marlowe 1. my name is Marcelina (mar- seh -lina

  • Forums: Need Help Renaming Sela

    MC's name. I had originally named her Sela ( SEH -la), which means "rock." While I like the meaning of her name, I don't like the sound of it at all

  • Forums: Ismene

    pronounced 'iss-ME-NEE' (guessing based on Selene being ' seh -LEE-NEE'). Definitely with the 'nee' ending, like Persephone and Penelope and Antigone etc. Since it's fairly self explanatory

  • Forums: Elise?

    , if you look at OP's location, it says Denmark. They pronounce it eh- LEE -seh there. That's why I asked. Hey guys, do you have any good first names

  • Forums: Our Shortlist, your thoughts please!

    (mar- seh -lina) and so I always liked Celina types of names Ella Sophia

  • Forums: Currently crushing on M names

    ="girl" href="/babyname/My">My name is Marcelina (mar- seh -lina) nn Marcy You should totally consider

  • Forums: Not exactly name regret but just wondering...

    /> Seren is pronounced as ' seh -ren' right? Doesn't seem similar to Sarin. I would pick Seren because its more unique

  • Forums: Article: He dropped one Letter on His Resume....

    pronounced ho- seh - the second syllable sounds like the beginning of the word said). Half my family has very ethnic sounding names, so stuff like this STILL happening makes me want to scream with frustration

  • Forums: Latest growing fear

    . Now that my daughter's almost two, one cat spends most of the day outside because he doesn't want to deal with her and the other one spends the majority of the day in my bedroom because seh also doesn't

  • Forums: Names you wish were pronounced differently.

    ; for boys... mehhh. Also I tend to read Cerys as seh -REES in my head instead of CARE-iss, which I like a lot less