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  • Forums: How do you pronounce Selene?

    " Seh -lee-nee" is the Greek mythological pronunciation and the one I like the best. I've always pronounced Selene as seh -leen but recently I came across a site listening the

  • Forums: How do you say Selene?

    I want to know the correct way of pronouncing this name, is it ( Seh -leen) or ( Seh -leen-ee)? 'seh -leen'

  • Forums: how would you pronounce?

    the T Selah: Seh -LAW See-la, but the others seem valid too. I was actually looking this one up the other day. I pronounce Sela like See-la, like

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Sela?

    How do you pronounce Sela ? See-lah or Seh -lah? I'd say SEAL -uh.

  • Forums: I found it!!!

    Josefina is definitely Ho- seh -fina. This is the spanish spelling so spanish pronunciation. i live in Cali its always said this way. I

  • Forums: Pronounce Celia

    See-lee-uh or Seel -ee-uh. Writing the pronunciation is hard! However, I think I pronounce Cecelia Seh -seal-ya...but I'm not sure because

  • Forums: Any history?

    is used as a surname. The history? Well since it's not really a name but a word, I guess that's the history. The pronunciation is something between " SEH -lig" and " SEH -li

  • Forums: Please Vote! Which do you prefer?

    voted for this but depending on where you live I don't know if you'll get the seh -ray-nah pronunciation instead of seh -ree-nah. I think seh -ree-nah is pretty but if that's not what you want you may find

  • Forums: Sela

    else with the name) but Nameberry and some (not all) other sites say Seh -la. This is the only name my husband and I can agree on for a girl (we love it actually) and we don't like the Seh -la

  • Forums: Anneliese pronunciation?

    ="/babyname/Lee">Lee (h) (as it's normally pronounced), Seh (as in se rve), Anne -leeh- seh . I could imagine that Americans and other English-speakers would

  • Forums: Connotations you have with the name Selene?

    seh -leen (although the traditional Greek pronunciation would be seh -lee-nee) -I don't like variations Celine or Selena -I like

  • Forums: Pronounce Celia

    I pronounce it " Seh - lee-ah" As the Spanish pronounce it, but I prefer it pronounced "See-lee-ah".... How do you pronounce the name

  • Forums: Do you like the name Selene?

    really a negative association or something a child could be teased about, so I really don't think it matters. I would think the Greek pn would be ' SEH -leh-nee', rather than Seh -lee-nee?

  • Forums: Sena

    , Senna is better? How about with an S last name? I would assume it was seh -nuh also. Senna I kinda like

  • Forums: Which way do you pronounce Cordelia and Cecelia

    Cecelia - Seh -see-lee-ah Cordelia - Cor -dee-lee-ah cor-

  • Forums: Pronunciation of Selah

    beautiful! I always pronounce it SEE-lah. I would say SEE-lah if I saw it. I'd say seh -la or sell-uh, the Hebrew vowel in Selah isn't right for an ee sound, its

  • Forums: Help Brainstorming New Ideas for Baby Kick

    ]Anneliese. When spelled like this, how is it most commonly pronounced? I took German for a few years, so I see it as "Ah-nah-lee- seh ", but I could also see it pronounced

  • Forums: Am trying on Seren. Any thoughts?

    ) but it's still a pretty name and it's prn SEH -ren. It means star in Welsh, which is very cute too. The only negative about the name I have is, because Welsh is my first language it feels more like

  • Forums: Seren... please explain?

    Seh -ren and Sar-en (rhyming with Karen or the beginning of Sarah ). I can say Seh -ren slowly and compartmentalized correctly, but when I'm

  • Forums: WDYT of these names?

    Seh -leen or Seh -leen-ee, Seh -leen-ee being the original Greek pronunciation and the Celine pronunciation the English one). They could be the sun and the moon

  • Forums: How is Severine pronounced?

    ="/babyname/Hope">Hope this helps! I'm not French, but I take French in school... is it supposed to have accent marks anywhere? I would pronounce it seh -veh-REEN. They use it in Skyfall

  • Forums: How would you pronounce this?

    ="/babyname/Sara">Sara and Sarah the same? I think it would be Sah-rah for Sara and Seh -rah for

  • Forums: My list is getting shorter...I promise! :)

    , we would pronounce it somewhat like "Ah-neh Lee- seh "NORA!!!

  • Forums: How would you pronounce this?

    ]Gisela or perhaps just an invention on its own, and as seems clear from the comments here, can be pronounced in a range of ways, from ice-la to ih- SEH -la to i-see-la. Or like Ursula[/name

  • Forums: Gracelline

    the time I have a baby, it'll be like Courtney or Lindsey. Plus, I'm not very keen on tryndeigh names. But what about Gracelline? It's pronounced GRAH- seh -LEEN, and also has

  • Forums: Names that end with the ay sound?

    />Adorée Alizée Chantée Desirée Edmée Isemay (ee SEH may) is a variant of Esme/Esmée Jenée/Janée Renée Plus all the "day" names: [name

  • Forums: Cybele

    often heard as SEH -bell-ee I think this name. Cybele was the Phrygian Goddess of the Earth, Mother Earth, like Gaia to the Greeks.

  • Forums: Pronounce Sarai

    > where they are (but the R is flapped) I would pronounce it Suh-rye, but I know a little girl who pronounces it Seh -rah-EE (which was super hard to get used to). I also just read a

  • Forums: Pronounce Celia

    ="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> My cousin is a Cecylia (Polish spelling) and that's ' seh -see-lee-a'. Oh and I'm a northern Brit .

  • Forums: Sela

    " class="inlineimg" /> I had a character named Sela once and pronounced it SEH -lah. I know a girl named