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  • Forums: Is Savvy a nickname for safari

    who went by Savvy . I think it's a good compromise to Safari while still keeping the theme. I knew a girl named Savannah who went by Savvy . I think it's a

  • Forums: Savannah with nn Savvy?

    Is this cute or just too much? Very cute! i think its cute, I have a friend Savannah and everyone called her Savvy /Sav I don't like

  • Forums: Nickname for Savannah

    list. While both are popular, neither are Emily at the moment. Savannah is my pick, very pretty. Again, Savvy is cute. It's a bit of a stretch, but Ava could also

  • Forums: Forum is slow

    Is anyone noticing a difficulty in changing your avatar? I wanted to change mind today, but am continually getting a error message. oboeplayer1 - thank you! I'm not computer savvy at all, I

  • Forums: Like a name, scared to commit! Help with a nick-name?

    Savvy ? Savi? Sanne ? Sadie or Ava , even? Savannah is a

  • User List: Nice Names & Names I <3


  • Forums: Is Savvy a nickname for safari

    like a name to me. Savvy means to understand something well, and a safari is a trip in which one observes wild animals in their natural habitat. I would be embarrassed to be called either, sorry.

  • Forums: What do "DH", "DW", "DS", "DD", ect stand for?

    'daughter' and 'husband' for people who are short on time or not to computer/keyboard savvy . :) I know it's husband, wife, son, daughter but what is the D for? hmm...seems a little

  • Forums: What are the nickname options for Savannah?

    Savvy Anna Annie Savvy is SO cute. Sassy Sass Ava

  • Forums: What are the nickname options for Savannah?

    Savvy ( LOVE !) Sav Savva Anna Annie

  • Forums: Ways to get a nickname:Savvy

    makes perfect sense. But Savannah & Safari? Please no. No. I personally would not use Savvy as a name unto itself. It feels too lightweight and

  • Forums: Ways to get a nickname:Savvy

    the nickiname savvy or savy or savi or however she wants to spell it. But she needs a name to get her that nickname. I've racked my brain trying to get there for her, but I'm stumped. Help. She prefers

  • Forums: The Savanna Sitch Finally Solved: Savanna Augustine Daisy "Savvy"

    I am not a really big fan of Savanna , but I love Savvy as a nn. Savanna

  • Forums: Like a name, scared to commit! Help with a nick-name?

    I think Savvy is cute. I know a coupld of girls that just go by Savannah so you don't necessarily have to use a nickname for it or choose something unrelated to her

  • Forums: Down to Four, I Think.... Help!

    Hello all! I'm trying to narrow down my boys list to just one name! I can't seem to part with any of them though! So I would love your help! Thanks in advance for your wonderful opinions. ~ Savvy

  • Forums: Saavy?

    of you thought of this name. Thanks!! Could it have been short for Savannah. I have heard girls called Savvy as a nn for Savannah

  • Forums: Smith

    /Smith">Smith was the main character in a book I read set in Victorian London - a savvy streetwise boy. I personally don't like it. It's seems a little bland.

  • Forums: Savannah or Carolina?

    ">Savannah is fantastic. Sav/ Savvy is a great NN If you go to the top of the thread, you can click on "Thread Options" and there will be a link to " Add a

  • Forums: Sweet, but a little though, too!

    /Sage">Sage Harper Savannah nn: Savvy Pippa and

  • Forums: Nickname for Savannah

    Thanks everyone! I'll definitely bring up Savvy as a nickname to my hubby. Hopefully we'll figure it out before she arrives! Jen Hi all, We've narrowed down our

  • Forums: Got the Gents, Now I need ideas for the Ladies!

    a cool, tech savvy kid. I don't like old fashioned come back names (like Genevieve, Hazel, or Bronwyn), which are super popular on nameberry. I like Irish names, surnames, place names, and word names

  • Forums: Savannah--what do you picture?

    I got older, people started calling me Savvy for short. I really can't think of a better nickname because it has such a positive connotation. Savannah is

  • Forums: Piper has made her entrance!

    " target="_blank"> (I have no clue if that's how you add pictures or not...:???: I'm not a very tech savvy person.

  • Forums: new here: my favorites

    ] - too popular Savannah nn Savvy Virginia nn Ginny - I love Ginger* Boys: Oliver nn Olly - love* Emmett nn Emm

  • Forums: What are their names?

    am quite curious to know! Hi, Savvy ! I'll give you two options: Luke and Sadie - Lucas Benjamin and Sarah [name

  • Forums: Savannah or Carolina?

    I like Savannah , but I adore the unusual nickname Savvy . I can't stand Carolina /Caroline , but it's

  • Forums: Really need your help - Sabrina or Samantha? - DD due in a month :)

    ="/babyname/Savina">Savina is, I believe, the Italian (or maybe Polish?) variant of Sabrina ... I always thought Savvy would be a cute nn for

  • Forums: girly name with quirky nickname?

    there are no v's or K's in the irish language but bh together is pronounced as a V. My name is Savannah, and everyone calls me Savvy or Sav My

  • Forums: How do I create a signature?

    internet savvy but I cannot figure out how to create a signature on this forum! What am I missing? LOL Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you much! :) Her last name was prn

  • Forums: My beautiful little girl!

    love the name. @adair glad to hear she is doing well, and I must say that you are much more savvy than the average parent in such a situation, especially for only being 21? Most people could not