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  • Forums: Rose-something???

    Rose Rosalind Rosalie Rosalynn Rosaline

  • Forums: Name list game

    /> 1. Caroline 2. Rosalynn 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. New List:

  • Forums: Name as many...

    ="/babyname/Primrose">Primrose , Rosalie , Rosalind , Rosemary , Rosamerta, Rosalynn Name as many

  • Forums: Having trouble finding a name we love...

    are leaning towards something like Rosalynn or Brealynn but we aren't sure! He is also determined to have the middle name for a boy to be Michael , after him. Help us find

  • Forums: Rate the First Ladies' Names!

    8 Pat 1 Betty 3 Rosalynn 7, love Rosalind more Nancy 3 Barbara 5 Hillary 4 Laura 10 Michelle[/name

  • Forums: Build a fam of 9

    ]Winona Father: Brock William Father: Robert Allen Mother: Rosalynn Anastasia 1. Ruby Amelia

  • Forums: Favorite Variation of Rose

    that makes them interesting. " Rosaline " is pretty, too--it can be pronounced the same way as Rosalynn (which I like) but the spelling has a Shakespearean twist

  • Forums: President's Week Name Bank!

    >" Jane / Rosalynn " Roz " Eliza DS:

  • Forums: Which Rosa name?

    pronounce Rosalin the same way but without the d. I would pronounce Rosalynn the way that you do, though I'm not really a fan of the spelling. I was about to

  • Forums: President's Week Name Bank!

    ="/babyname/Michelle">Michelle , Nancy , Patricia , Rachel , Rosalynn ,

  • Forums: "line" names

    of the above. I say RosaLYNN , because thats what I want it to sound like, but I like it spelt like Roseline. But, I think I missed this one completely. Eveline - EvaLEEN[/name

  • Forums: Build a fam of 9

    Father: Robert Allen Mother: Rosalynn Anastasia 1. Ruby

  • Forums: Rose-something???

    ="/babyname/LOVE">LOVE !! Rose Rosalind Rosalie Rosalynn

  • Forums: Fourth of July CAF

    : Allan Jesse & Rosalynn Julia DS: Knox Tyler

  • Forums: Quirky name for number six?

    ] Helene/Helena Frances Lucretia Alethea Angelica Cynthia Hazel Magdalen Rosalynn [name

  • Forums: What could Josie be a nn for?

    'creative', for example Rosalynn ... Thanks for the feedback Josiane is

  • Forums: Build a fam of 9

    _quote -->Mother: Rosalynn Anastasia daughter: Ruby

  • Forums: Elegant names

    ! Rosalynn Victoria Charlene Vanessa

  • Forums: Creative ways to honor Lynn

    ="/babyname/Both">Both of these names are gorgeous and ones I really like. Rosalyn makes me think of Rosalynn Carter the former first lady of

  • Forums: Which Rosa name?

    /> Rosalin Rosalynn Rosalinn I don't know. I do know we both pronounce it as

  • Forums: MMM initials- too much?

    class="girl" href="/babyname/Mairead">Mairead Rosalynn I don't think 3 M's is necessarily a problem but it's def too much for my taste. I do love the name

  • Forums: Full Name for Nickname Rosie

    /> Rosalind Rosary Rosalinda Rosalynn

  • Forums: Need some reassurance from my fellow posters, please!

    ]/ Rosalynn as it separates the sounds. Also, as someone who had a name spelt differently, I have spent my entire life correcting people. I'm getting angry just thinking about it right now. My damn school

  • Forums: Magalie / girls list

    Rosina Rosita Rosse Roselani Rosemary Rosette Rosalind Rosalina Rosalyn Ros Rosaleen Rosalin Rosaline Rosalyne Rosalynn Rosalynne Rosilyn Roslin Roslyn Roslyne Roslynn Roz Rozalyn Rozlyn Rosalie Rosalea

  • Forums: Name as many...

    ="/babyname/Rosalie">Rosalie , Rosalind , Rosemary , Rosamerta, Rosalynn Name as many Spanish boy names.

  • Forums: Middle name suggestions, please!

    ">Rafaela Estelle Regina Estelle Rosalynn Estelle

  • Forums: Narrowed it down to 5

    ="/babyname/Eliza">Eliza and Odelia . I prefer Rosalind to Rosalynn , but that's just me.

  • Forums: Ada?

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Ada">Ada Rosalind Ada Rosalynn Ada

  • Forums: Redefining Mary

    ]Genevieve 16. Mary Beth - Mary Bethan 17. Mary Lynn - Mary Rosalynn 18. Mary Isabel[/name

  • Blog Post: Olympic Names: Gold Medal Choices

    obsession, I was naturally fixated on the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, rooting for Rosalynn Sumners as she skated her way to the women’s silver medal, and cheering on