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    , Estlin, Maryn, Revere , Revere

  • Forums: Baby Boy-Revere?

    , but you do whatever you want. (You don't want it to sound like a command. " Revere Thomas!" Who is Thomas and why should I revere him?) Owen Revere Benedict Revere

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  • Forums: Baby Boy-Revere?

    with you using Revere .What scathing, unkind replies. Benedict has long overcome the Benedict Arnold

  • Forums: Boy Name Poll

    Dean Revere Dean I really like the names

  • Name: Baby Name Paul

    -sharing heroes, from Revere to Newman, Cezanne to McCartney.

  • Name: Baby Name Isannah

    A name that seems to be a combination of Isabel and Susannah, used in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, most notably for a daughter of Paul Revere . Isannah was also a character

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  • User List: Not Your Average Boy Names

    , IKE, CYRUS, Crusoe, Revere

  • Forums: Baby Boy-Revere?

    my kid after Paul Revere ? That wouldn't be that far out, and people have been named after far worse people. I like it a lot. Well if we called him Rev it would

  • Forums: Baby Boy-Revere?

    was a child/teen, I would explain it exactly like that, included. It's just sort of ironic to have a christian name on an atheist. At least Revere has a different connotation

  • Name: Baby Name Prescott

    at the battle of Bunker Hill, and Samuel, a Revolutonary patriot who traveled with Paul Revere on the night of his famous ride. Prescott is also the first name of the father and brother of George H.W. Bush.

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    , Kohva, Kide, Revere , Vallon, Fievel, Orison

  • User List: Greatness shoehorned into a list

    , HAVANA, HELENA, LAURIE, MINKA, MONET, ROISIN, ROSELLE, FORTIS, Garros, Gatlin, Gordian , HARRIER , Kubrick, Norrin , Revere , Forlani , GERSHWIN, Grenadier, Lively , Rilo

  • User List: R- Boys

    , ROSS, ROY, RUFUS, RUNE, Remember, Remment, Resolute, Revere , Romilly, Rook, Rorick

  • User List: Names For Characters (Boys)

    , Callias, Cassander, Chrysanthos, Crius, Devereux, Diomedes, Emeric, Emyrs, Emyr, Evren, Gratian, Iro, Kallias, Kyros, Lykos, Lycus, Marcin, Melanthos, Moran, Revere , Tharin, Theophanes, Waldron, Xalen

  • Blog Post: Notable New Year's Babies' Names: Mercury, Micah & Saffron

    notables who might make a worthy namesake for your New Year’s baby—among them Paul Revere ,

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    , Knightly, Nili, Psalm, BRAVE, CREE, CALIBER, LAKER, Nakis, Revere , Xtain, Nilam, Lively, Rosemaree, Indii, Swayze, Savvy

  • Forums: Name that name

    for Sybil Ludington, the "female Paul Revere ") A favorite author's name (first or last) and a place you want to visit

  • User List: word names

    , Marjoram , Maze , Memory , Merit , Mist , Moment , Myth , Neon , Oath , October , Poet , Praline , Prism , Ratchet , Revere , Rook , Rumor , Russet , Shimmer , Silhouette , Solemn , Song , Sparkle , Stevia

  • Forums: Names for 4th baby boy

    man out... Revere - I like it as a middle, but it's a very modern-sounding name. It's a very different style from your other boys. huckleberry- Same as Revere . I'd keep it as a middle.

  • Forums: If I had Twins Today...

    /Alice">Alice G/B: Po ésie Martine Judah Revere B/B:

  • Forums: Name the children~ Round One

    of using their initials but in revere & Rora loved the idea.. So Twin 1 will have the initials - A.R & Twin 2- M.A DD/DD:

  • Forums: Name the children~ Round One

    their initials but in revere & Rora loved the idea.. So Twin 1 will have the initials - A.R & Twin 2- M.A DD/DD:

  • Forums: If/then name game

    DS: Joah Revere DS/DS: Siver Charlie Horizon and Drummer

  • Forums: Brother for Mercy

    ="/babyname/Arrow">Arrow - ( straight and true towards destination ) Brio - ( in music: to play with vigor ) Zenith Revere

  • Forums: Looking for New Names to Love

    ="/babyname/Rudyard">Rudyard Revere Roosevelt Rembrandt

  • Forums: Twin Boys due any day NEED HELP with names!!!

    ; Revere - Ames & Reeve I really love the name Dominic - so cute! Congrats on your twins - how

  • Forums: CAF with unusual name bank

    Fox Revere Maxfield Balthazar

  • Forums: If You Had Ten Kids...........

    Revere Siver Orion Alaska Hope Lux Wilhelmine